Sonny's Milestone Mini

Sonny's Milestone Mini

When people ask me what age is my favourite to photograph, I find it impossible to choose.

Newborns are tiny and new and special, 2/3 month olds are starting to smile and react to your silly noises, 6/8 month olds are chubby and smiley and one year olds are pure hilarious mischief.

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Toddler Photography | Hemel Hempstead | Alfred Turns 2!

Toddler Photography | Hemel Hempstead | Alfred Turns 2!

Photographing a newborn once is lovely, but getting to see them grow up is even more special.

I first met Alfred and his family 2 years ago at their house in Hemel Hempstead.  He was only a few days old and a teeny tiny bundle compared to the little boy he is now!

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Newborn Pictures | Hemel Hempstead | From Uni Friend to New Dad

Newborn Pictures | Hemel Hempstead | From Uni Friend to New Dad

This little guy is the perfect example of just how fast life can go some times. 
One minute you're 22, at Uni and your housemate is throwing Maoam at you down the corridor.  Next thing you know, you're in your 30s and you're photographing their newborn son. 

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Newborn Photography Leighton Buzzard | Ashley

Newborn Photography Leighton Buzzard | Ashley

When it comes to newborn photography, some babies are nice and sleepy and others are way to interested in the world around them to sleep.  I can't count the amount of times i've lost out to a window or a twirling ceiling fan. 

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Newborn Baby Photographer | Luton | Adomas

Newborn Baby Photographer | Luton | Adomas

Little Lithuanian Adomas came in a few weeks ago for his Newborn Session, just before things shut down for Christmas.
I had just completed 15 Christmas Mini sessions with under 5s and it was lovely to leave the mayhem behind and get back to the sleepy cuteness.

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Newborn Baby Photoshoot | Hemel Hempstead | Lachlan

Newborn Baby Photoshoot | Hemel Hempstead | Lachlan

Meet little Lachlan, the most gorgeous little boy with a genuinely lovely family. 

When I first heard that the family wanted an Irish, Rugby, Autumn themed newborn baby photoshoot I've got to say, I wasn't quite sure how I was going to get it all to work together.
Of course the only real answer was to go shopping!  

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Baby Pictures | St Albans | Harry

I'm photographing so many milestone sessions lately that it's scary.

It only feels like I was photographing them as newborns 5 minutes ago, but here they are, smiling, sitting, standing, and full of personality. 

Harry's mum Liz got in touch earlier this year whilst pregnant with Harry.  Without knowing it, her brother had seen she'd liked my Facebook Page and contacted me to buy her a gift voucher. 
It worked out pretty perfectly!

I went and met the gorgeous Harry in March and took some photos of his chunky newborn rolls!

Now, 8 months later, it was time for my next visit.

These images are the perfect example of why baby pictures are so important.  Just look at the difference 8 months makes!  Using teddies like this is the perfect way to show how fast he's grown.

Baby pictures - 8 month old Harry as a newborn with his teddies
8 month old Harry in his cot with his teddies - St. Albans

When I take photos around peoples houses, I love to think of the children looking back in 10 years and their parents telling them stories about things in the images. 
Maybe the monkey mural was a huge pain to put on the wall, the bunting was made by a family member, the teddies he loved to play with.  I love to think that my images will be full of memories for them. 

Baby pictures-8 month old-Harry-Cot-Bunting

Ah, back to my favourite place to photograph babies - a big bed! 
Harry's mum is making a calendar of pictures of him for Christmas so we needed to tick a couple of months off of the list during his session.  First - Halloween. 

Baby pictures - 8 month old Harry on a big bed in a Halloween t-shirt
Baby pictures - 8 month old Harry on his tummy on a big bed
Baby pictures - 8 month old - Harry - big bed - halloween
Baby pictures - 8 month old Harry - feet - St. Albans

In typical 8 month old style, this little monster did NOT like staying still.  All he needs to do is flash you his dimples and you automatically forgive him though!

Baby pictures - 8 month old - Harry - smiles

To finish off his session we headed out to a local park in St. Albans.
Considering it was October, we completely lucked out with the weather and found ourselves in beautiful sunshine.

At this point we had to try and be more interesting than the tractor that was currently driving around the field (it was tricky!) but we managed to get some fun images with mum as well as some wintery images for his calendar. 

Baby pictures - 8 month old Harry and his mum playing in the park - St. Albans
Baby pictures - 8 month old Harry and his mum playing in the park - St. Albans
Baby pictures - 8 month old Harry and his mum playing in the park - St. Albans
Baby pictures - 8 month old Harry in the park wearing a blue hat

Harry and his family are always really lovely to work with and I'm already looking forward to heading back to St. Albans for his 1 year session - let's face it, it'll be here before we know it!

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Newborn Photography | Hemel Hempstead | Joshua

A few weeks ago Joshua and his family came to my house in Hemel Hempstead for their newborn photography session. 
This little guy was a completely dream to work with and I got some beautiful images. 

As usual, I started with wrapped images to get him into that super sleepy mood. 
I can get three really lovely shots from the pose below - his whole body, his feet and a close up of his face. 

I think we should take a second to appreciate his amazing hair.  I LOVE it! 

After we'd finished on the plainer blankets, it was time to get out the fluff!
He snuggled into the posing bowl perfectly and even flashed a cheeky smily :)

His mum decided to leave Joshua's big brother at home with his dad for first part of the session and then bring him round when we were ready for him.  This meant he was ready and raring to go when it came time for sibling photos. 
Joshua had started to wake up a little at this point so I wrapped him up snug and made sure he was ready for some big brother love.

I LOVE this family photo.  So much in fact that I have used it in a sample product for my Reveal Sessions and gifted them a HUGE print of it. 
As much as it may look like they're sitting there nicely together, much running and playing was required to get that bottom in mums lap! 
It was a million percent worth it for the result :)

If you're interested in Newborn Photography or have any questions then please...

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Newborn Photos St. Albans | Harry

Now I like a good chunky newborn baby and this little guy did not disappoint!  Just check out these adorable newborn rolls!
He looks so comfortable curled up on his tummy.

Newborn photos - On Tummy - cream hat - posed

I get asked to include all kinds of things in newborn photos but this was the first time I've included golf balls (Update:  This is becoming quite popular now!)
Apparently dad is looking forward to some good father and son golf days when he's older :)

NEWBORN PHOTOS - blue wrap   - golf ball - POSED
NEWBORN PHOTOS - fur blanket   - teddies - POSED - asleep

When Harry's mum showed me the teddies that she wanted to include, I knew exactly what to do with them.  They were pretty much identical in size and just longing to be hugged.  I placed him on my fur blanket, curled him up and then carefully placed his cuddly friends.  The photo came out perfectly!  
I can't wait to photograph him with them at his 6 month session to show just how much he's grown.

NEWBORN PHOTOS - black and white - asleep - POSED

This image is 'backlit'  (I took it from the shadow side rather than the light) and the contrast and texture of the blanket makes it a perfect black and white newborn photo.

I encourage all my families to at least get a few lifestyle photos together at the end of their session.  Existing in photos with your children is SO important. 
They don't have to be fancy - just a few family photos that your little one can look back on once they've grown up.

I love looking back at family photos - don't you?

NEWBORN PHOTOS - lifestyle - family - st albans

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Lifestyle Newborn Photography | St Albans

As much as I love posed newborn photos, there is something so special about taking lifestyle family pictures - those little moments between family captured.

James has been born into the cutest little family!
His big sister is just adorable.  I got the image below while just setting up my camera, testing the light.  Just look at those eyes!


After a little warming up, she was ready for some photos with her new little brother.  She wasn't quite ready to touch him yet, but she knew exactly who he was when we asked!

sister and her newborn brother
newborn baby laying on a bed
family with newborn cuddling on a bed

Next it was time to set up the beanbag to get some gorgeous posed photos.
I wrapped him up and he drifted off to sleep, ready for some cute posing.

wrapped up newborn baby
sleeping newborn baby photo
newborn in a bowl prop laying on fluffy rug

How cute is this group of three images together?!  I can picture them all in a triple frame together. 

family with newborn on bed

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Newborn Photos | St Albans

Everyone meet the baby with the coolest and most Italian name!  Ok, so we'll only call him Max on here, as his mum and dad may not want his whole name out for everyone to see on the internet, but you'll have to trust me on this one, he's going to have the best name at school!

I started off with some baby lead posing, which means I laid him down and just let him get comfy.  Some times it does lead to very strange poses with everything on show, but other times you get lovely natural photos like below. 

Newborn photos St Albans - black and white

Next it was on to the wraps.  I love this dark grey wrap that I got earlier this year.

Newborn photos St Albans - wrapped up
Newborn photos St Albans - wrapped up legs out

You should have seen the smile on my face when mum showed me this little hat!  It's so adorable.  

Newborn photos St Albans - on tummy, italian
Newborn photos St Albans - on tummy close up

Ah, the fluff and grey romper combo - another firm favourite! <3

Newborn photos St Albans - romper on fluff

Sometimes while taking newborn photos, the conversation naturally moves onto the strangest things I ever photographed a baby with.  This is generally followed on by mum or dad handing me some kind of random object - in this case it was apples!
Although I call it random, every object always has a story.  Whether it's connected to mum or dad's job, a hobby, a nickname, it always has a special meaning that brings something thoughtful to the photo. 

Newborn photos St Albans - apples, fluff, green

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Baby Photographer | Ashish

Before I even start, just look at these eyes.... I mean come on - and the hair?!  This little guy is gorgeous!

Baby Photographer Hemel Hempstead - Blue Blanket
Baby Photographer Hemel Hempstead - brown eyes

Ok, I can start now.   Meet Ashish (Did I mention how cute he was?)
He was a little old for a newborn session so instead we mixed up a lifestyle session in his home with a few studio style images using natural light.
He was lovely and content laying down and posing and even flashed me a few smiles :)

Baby Photographer Hemel Hempstead Full body
Baby Photographer Hemel Hempstead - Fur Close Up
Baby Photographer Hemel Hempstead - Fur

His parents also wanted some family photos so I set up for some more lifestyle photos around the house. 

At this point it all got a bit too much and he drifted off to sleep.  It was the perfect opportunity to get some sleepy cuddles with mum and dad :)

Baby Photographer Hemel Hempstead Family

Images like this, of Ashish in his daddy's hands, are the the perfect type of moment to look back on in months and years time and realise just how much he has grown. 

Baby Photographer Hemel Hempstead - Dad and baby
Baby Photographer Hemel Hempstead In Dads Hands
Baby Photographer Hemel Hempstead Family
Baby Photographer Hemel Hempstead - Mum and baby

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Newborn Photo Shoot | Hemel Hempstead | Teddy

Teddy had his newborn photo shoot a few weeks ago and he really was a little star!  Beautifully sleepy and easy to pose, he let me seamlessly move him from possition to position with minimal fuss. 

Newborn Photo Shoot Hemel Hempstead - Blue
Newborn Photo Shoot Hemel Hempstead - lips
Newborn Photo Shoot Hemel Hempstead - hand

To start with I moved him through all of the side and tummy poses using a variety of blankets and backdrops and of course capturing all of those tiny details - lips, hands, eyelashes and toes.

After that we moved to the fluff, which was where he really felt at home!  He curled up so beautifully, specially when snuggled in the blue wrap.  Just look at those little toes right up by his face!  (My little cuddly dog of course made another appearance :p)

Newborn Photo Shoot Hemel Hempstead - fur, dog
Newborn Photo Shoot Hemel Hempstead - Fur, blue
Newborn Photo Shoot Hemel Hempstead - toes
Newborn Photo Shoot Hemel Hempstead - white blanket

I LOVE the image below.  It's not only my favourite from his newborn photo shoot but it is very high up on my favourite images of all time :)

Newborn Photo Shoot Hemel Hempstead - fur


Have a questions or want to enquire about booking a newborn photo shoot?  Please....


A Prop Filled Newborn Photo Shoot

Although I love simple posed newborn photos, every now and then props just work so beautifully on a shoot. 
Looking back through Freddy's newborn shoot I realised we got a good few props in there!

We used his little teddy as a pillow and dad wanted a close up him with Thor's hammer.  I'm guessing someone is an Avengers fan!

Newborn Baby Photography St Albans
Newborn Baby Photography St Albans

I bought this romper at a photography trade show a few weeks ago and I absolutely LOVE IT!  It goes so well with my grey fur blanket.  (just look at those beautiful lips in the close up!)

Newborn baby photography st albans
Newborn Photography St Albans

Now to the posing bowl - another new favourite purchased from the photography trade show, along with the cream fur.
It's the perfect size for those curled up shots and all the babies that have used it so far have slept like...well...babies!

(ba dum tsh!)

Combined with a couple more of his teddies and a pop of colour from the blue knitted trouser, these are definitely a couple of my favourites from the whole shoot.

Newborn baby photography St Albans
Newborn baby photography St Albans

Who doesn't love a hat!?  Specially these two, made by my very talented sister.  Some props come and go but these two have been in my prop basket since the beginning!

Newborn baby photo shoot St Albans
Newborn photo shoot St Albans

It's SO important to me that I choose props and accessories that you will love.  You should have seen how many times I walked between the two newborn stalls at the trade show trying to choose what would fit the rest of my collection (I got quite a few looks and even some comments!)

If you're a prop lover, or a lover of simplicity (or you love both, like me!) and are interested in a posed newborn shoot, Get In Touch for some more information.