Newborn Photography | Hemel Hempstead | Joshua

A few weeks ago Joshua and his family came to my house in Hemel Hempstead for their newborn photography session. 
This little guy was a completely dream to work with and I got some beautiful images. 

As usual, I started with wrapped images to get him into that super sleepy mood. 
I can get three really lovely shots from the pose below - his whole body, his feet and a close up of his face. 

I think we should take a second to appreciate his amazing hair.  I LOVE it! 

After we'd finished on the plainer blankets, it was time to get out the fluff!
He snuggled into the posing bowl perfectly and even flashed a cheeky smily :)

His mum decided to leave Joshua's big brother at home with his dad for first part of the session and then bring him round when we were ready for him.  This meant he was ready and raring to go when it came time for sibling photos. 
Joshua had started to wake up a little at this point so I wrapped him up snug and made sure he was ready for some big brother love.

I LOVE this family photo.  So much in fact that I have used it in a sample product for my Reveal Sessions and gifted them a HUGE print of it. 
As much as it may look like they're sitting there nicely together, much running and playing was required to get that bottom in mums lap! 
It was a million percent worth it for the result :)

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