A Prop Filled Newborn Photo Shoot

Although I love simple posed newborn photos, every now and then props just work so beautifully on a shoot. 
Looking back through Freddy's newborn shoot I realised we got a good few props in there!

We used his little teddy as a pillow and dad wanted a close up him with Thor's hammer.  I'm guessing someone is an Avengers fan!

Newborn Baby Photography St Albans
Newborn Baby Photography St Albans

I bought this romper at a photography trade show a few weeks ago and I absolutely LOVE IT!  It goes so well with my grey fur blanket.  (just look at those beautiful lips in the close up!)

Newborn baby photography st albans
Newborn Photography St Albans

Now to the posing bowl - another new favourite purchased from the photography trade show, along with the cream fur.
It's the perfect size for those curled up shots and all the babies that have used it so far have slept like...well...babies!

(ba dum tsh!)

Combined with a couple more of his teddies and a pop of colour from the blue knitted trouser, these are definitely a couple of my favourites from the whole shoot.

Newborn baby photography St Albans
Newborn baby photography St Albans

Who doesn't love a hat!?  Specially these two, made by my very talented sister.  Some props come and go but these two have been in my prop basket since the beginning!

Newborn baby photo shoot St Albans
Newborn photo shoot St Albans

It's SO important to me that I choose props and accessories that you will love.  You should have seen how many times I walked between the two newborn stalls at the trade show trying to choose what would fit the rest of my collection (I got quite a few looks and even some comments!)

If you're a prop lover, or a lover of simplicity (or you love both, like me!) and are interested in a posed newborn shoot, Get In Touch for some more information.