Newborn Photography Leighton Buzzard | Ashley

When it comes to newborn photography, some babies are nice and sleepy and others are way to interested in the world around them to sleep.  I can't count the amount of times i've lost out to a window or a twirling ceiling fan. 

Sleeping newborn

In Ashley's case, he wasn't too interested in sleeping.  He gave me a few minutes here and there but despite my best efforts, he was happy being awake. 

In cases like this - it's time to wrap!  

Wrapped sleeping newborn - Becki Williams Photography
Wrapped sleeping newborn - Becki Williams Photography
Wrapped sleeping newborn with his teddies - Becki Williams Photography

Wrapping is the best way to contain those little flailing newborn limbs while still capturing beautiful newborn images. 

Awake sessions definitely come with their perks.  You get to capture the most priceless expressions as well as gorgeous images of their beautiful eyes. 

Yawning newborn black and white - Becki Williams Photography
Awake newborn on white fur - Becki Williams Photography
Awake newborn, cream blanket - Becki Williams Photography
Tiny newborn feet - Becki Williams Photography

Can anyone say Super Baby?!

Super Baby - Becki Williams Photography

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