Newborn Baby Photographer | Luton | Adomas

Little Lithuanian Adomas came in a few weeks ago for his Newborn Session, just before things shut down for Christmas.
I had just completed 15 Christmas Mini sessions with under 5s and it was lovely to leave the mayhem behind and get back to the sleepy cuteness.

Newborn baby laying on his side
Newborn wrapped in a brown wrap

He started off lovely and sleepy so instead of wrapping, I went straight into posing him on his side and tummy. 
Just look at those gorgeous back roles on the image below!! <3

Newborn baby on tummy

No newborn comes into my studio in December and leaves without at least one Christmas image!  This reindeer hat is a firm favourite. 

Christmas newborn photos

When newborns move from their tummy to their back they have a cheeky habit of waking up, however gentle you are.  Adomas was quite happy sleeping though so I got some gorgeous images of him on his back as well. 

Newborn on back in black and white

To finish off his session I changed out to a grey backdrop and wrapped him up nice and snug before laying him on the grey fluffy blanket for some relaxed shots, just as he started to wake up. 

Newborn wrapped in grey wrap

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