Newborn Baby Pictures Hemel Hempstead | Mia

There is something extra special about doing newborn baby pictures for family.  And yes, bragging rights that you got cuddles before other members of the family is definitely a bonus!

In this case the pictures were for my husband's cousin Becky, and her new arrival, Mia.

At Becky's baby shower everyone thought I was being silly predicting the date she'd arrive as the very next day but I found at during her session that at one point they did actually think she was going to come that day!  In the end she hung on in there for a few more days and I believe it was her older cousin that won that bet. 

After lots of hellos and cuddles it was time to try and convince a rather awake little newborn that she would like to sleep. 

Yawning newborn baby on cream blanket. 
Wrapped newborn baby - St. Albans
Awake newborn baby, wrapped up - St Albans

Slowly she got the idea and drifted off into a nice deep sleep.  The gentle posing could begin!

Babies love the tummy pose (other wise known as bum up!) so much.  They always sleep to soundly and seem so comfy.

Newborn baby picture on tummy - St Albans

It's so important with newborn baby pictures to capture the details!

I'm not going to lie, some parent's get a little confused about why i've taken a photo of their babies ear.  
Look at that ear though.  
It's never going to be as small as it is today.  It's never going to be as furry as it is today!

Its the same with all of the other details.  The wrinkly feet, the milk spots, cracked lips, those tiny fingers and those oh so adorable rolls - they're all part of being brand new, and they'll be gone before you know it. 

Newborn baby picture of a little girl's ear - St Albans
Newborn baby picture of a little girl's foot - St Albans
Newborn baby picture of a little girl's hand - St Albans
Newborn baby picture of a little girl's lips - St Albans
Newborn baby picture of a little girl's nose - St Albans
Newborn baby picture of tiny baby rolls - St Albans

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