Newborn Baby Pictures, Hemel Hempstead | Isabella & Louie

This blog post feels a little more special than usual because it features newborn baby pictures of two little cousins - Isabella & Louie.

A few months ago I first met Isabella when she was a few weeks old.  I only usually do posed sessions for babies up until 3 weeks so I went to her session expecting to take lots of relaxed lifestyle images of an awake baby.  Just in case I needed them, I put a few blankets and props in the car as well, because you never know!

What did I find when I turned up? A perfectly sleepy little bundle!  

Isabella had actually arrived quiet a few weeks early and so was still quite happy to drift into a deep sleep and be posed.  I must have been able to sense it when I packed up my car!

Her mum loved headbands so I used a lot throughout her session as well as lots of textures and wraps. 

Newborn girl in wooden bowl with a flower headband
Newborn in wooden bowl with brown wrap
Sleeping newborn girl, Hemel Hempstead Photography
Newborn wrapped in white blanket with flower headband

It was only a few weeks later that I was back again - this time to photograph her cousin Louie who had been born over Christmas. 

Louie is a cheeky little guy that loves to flirt with the camera.  Just look at that amazing mohican!

Newborn with a mohican
Sleepy newborn with cream blanket

There was another 'prop first' for me this session - a washing basket!  I placed lots of towels inside it to make it nice and comfy and then added a lovely soft white fur.
He was quite awake at this point (caught a sneaky blink in the image below) so I left his nappy on and covered him with a little cream blanket.

This was a great opportunity to photograph those tiny toes as well.

Newborn toes, Hemel Hempstead
Newborn in laundry basket, Hemel Hempstead

Of course I couldn't leave without getting a few images of the cousins together. 
Gone were Isabella's sleepy days.  She's now full of smiles and loves watching the ceiling fan!

I've got a feeling these two are going to get up to mischeif together when they're older!

newborn cousins, Hemel Hempstead

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