Newborn Baby Photoshoot | Hemel Hempstead | Lachlan

Meet little Lachlan, the most gorgeous little boy with a genuinely lovely family. 

When I first heard that the family wanted an Irish, Rugby, Autumn themed newborn baby photoshoot I've got to say, I wasn't quite sure how I was going to get it all to work together.
Of course the only real answer was to go shopping!  
I extended my wrap collection with a new shade of green, brown and also the most gorgeous burnt orange colour.  There may have also been a couple of Christmas colour wraps which I'm sure you'll see crop up soon!

Lachlan was really very comfy on his back to start with so I kept it simple and used the orange wrap as a lovely pop of autumnal colour. 
After than I gently moved him onto his side and swapped the wrap out of one of the greens (I never used to have any green wraps and now I own three!)

Newborn Baby Photoshoot - Newborn with orange blanket
Newborn with green wrap

Next it was tummy time, my favourite.  Check out those gorgeous back rolls!

Newborn laying on his tummy - Newborn Baby Photoshoot

You know me, I love the little details <3

Newborn Baby Photoshoot - Black and white
Newborn Baby Photoshoot - nose in black and white
Newborn baby photoshoot - ear macro
Newborn Baby Photoshoot - newborn back rolls

I am keeping this yawn picture forever because I absolutely love it.  You win 10 points if you manage to look at it without yawning!

Newborn Baby Photo Shoot - Baby yawning

Every now and then people come to me with specific poses in mind.  Some are simple and some are a little more tricky.
Not all babies like all poses and I will never force a baby into any position that they don't want to go in.  There are also a couple of poses that I don't offer as I feel they can only safely be done with an assistant.

When Lachlan's family told me they were bringing a rugby ball I was excited and knew straight away a couple of poses I could try. 
Firstly I HAVE to point out that the image below is a composite.  That means it is made up of two or more images - in this case, three;  The ball, the background and Lachlan, who was actually laying on a beanbag.

The first idea was to try and position him with his head on his hands towards the camera.  It became pretty obvious straight away that he wasn't going to like that pose so I scrapped that idea and moved to the next. 
I took a few images of the ball by itself, one with the blanket below and another with the blanket on top.  Combine that with an image I had taken earlier in the session, mix in a few hours of Photoshop and you can see the results below!

Newborn Baby Photoshoot - newborn laying on Irish Rugby Ball - This image is a composite

I was SO happy that his parents loved the final image.  They ordered it on a 20x30inch canvas for their home with smaller prints for friends and family. 

And now, every time they look at this image they can remember it was taken just a few days before they beat the All Blacks!

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