Teddy's Newborn Photo Shoot - 8 Days Old | Hemel Hempstead

Our newborn shoot was perfect. Becki was so good with our Son and was very friendly and welcoming. I can tell the pictures will be amazing already! I would highly recommend!
— Hannah (Teddy's Mum)

I've photographed so many sleepy babies recently and Teddy was no different!

Teddy came from Beaconsfield for his Newborn photo shoot when he was 8 days old.  He had kept his family waiting an extra 5 days and they were very happy to finally meet him - especially his big sister Isla.

Apart from a few awake moments when he had his photos taken with his big sister, Teddy slept through his entire photo shoot.  Every time I moved him I thought he was about to wake up but he soon drifted back off again.

Isla is an amazing big sister.  She was really well behaved throughout and when she wasn't in the pictures she was either watching CBeebies, colouring in rockets or learning how to draw stars.  I love that cheeky grin!

smiling big sister cuddles her newborn baby brother on a cream fluffy blanket

Normally when I wrap babies, I try and keep their hands either by their sides or on their tummy.  Every now and then though, a baby comes along who is pretty insistent that they want at least one hand by their face.  Teddy was much happier like this, and who am I to tell him he can't be comfy?!

sleeping newborn baby boy wrapped in a cream blanket on a cream fluffy throw

Teddy with a Teddy (had to be done, right?)

sleeping newborn baby boy wrapped in a cream blanket holding a little teddy dear

From the cream, I moved onto grey.  I love this little grey on grey set up.

From there it was onto his tummy, which he found very comfy.  You can't really tell when he is all curled up like this but he is very long and very strong!

newborn baby boy sleeping on his tummy on a grey blanket

Once we were done in the plainer background blankets, I moved him onto my white and grey furs.  This bear hat is ALWAYS a hit. 

newborn baby boy sleeping on a white fluffy blanket, wrapped in a white blanket and wearing a brown hat with bear ears
profile of a sleeping newborn baby boy in black and white on a fluffy blanket

A shoot isn't complete without capturing those gorgeous details.  I just adore his lips so much.

close up of lips of newborn baby boy
close up of hand, toes, lips, ear and nose from a newborn baby photo shoot in hemel hempstead

To finish, I placed him on black for a very simple classic and natural shot.  These kinds of images work amazingly in the Fine Art Float Frames I offer. 

black and white image of a newborn baby boy sleeping curled up on a plain black background

It was a pleasure to meet little Teddy and his family.  I hope they love their photos and that I get to meet them again in the future!

baby boy sleeping on his tummy on a grey blanket