Newborn Photo Shoot | Hemel Hempstead | Rory

Thank you so much for the lovely delivery, from the photography to the little details you’ve been fantastic.
— Rory & Family

When Rory's mum got in touch for his newborn photo shoot he was already a week old and so I fitted them in as quickly as I could.  

The best time for a newborn photo shoot is between 5 & 10 days as this is when your little ones are at their sleepiest and are still nice and bendy and comfortable in the curled up poses. 
After 10 days their little limbs get stronger and they get a little mind of their own.  They become a lot more aware of their surroundings, meaning sleep isn't as appealing! 

To start, I used this patchwork quilt brought along by the family.  It was made by a family friend and was absolutely gorgeous.  I used both blue and white wraps to match the quilt's colouring and wrapped him up nice and snug so he drifted off to sleep (giving some cute smiles as went)

I use a 'Shusher' to help newborns drift off to sleep, which is a little machine that plays a repetitive shhing noise at a level that is safe for newborn ears. 
Rory's dad was so impressed with it that he jumped on amazon and ordered one himself!

newborn boy sleeps on his colourful personalised blanket while wrapped in a blue wrap for his newborn photo shoot

From the colourful quilt I moved him onto a soft fluffy blanket and switched up the wrap.  By this point you can tell how comfy and asleep he is.

newborn boy sleeps on fur blanket wrapped in a blue wrap for his newborn photo shoot
newborn boy wrapped in a cream wrap on a fur rug for his newborn photo shoot

Now he was asleep it was time to get posing!

I started by placing him on his side, which is a nice and gentle way get him at ease with his new surroundings and lack of nappy!  I always make sure the area I'm photographing in is nice and warm so he stays comfy. 

If I'm not sweating - it's not warm enough for him!

sleeping newborn boy for his photo shoot in hemel hempstead
newborn boy cuddles toy dog while asleep

From his side I moved him onto his tummy, which he found extremely comfortable. 
I love the wide space around him in the image below because I think it really shows off just how tiny he is. 

newborn boy sleeps on his tummy for a very simple and beautiful photo during his newborn photo shoot

Rory's mum and dad had brought all sorts of personalised things to his photo shoot, which they asked me to include if I could.  As well as the patchwork quilt above I used a blue blanket embroidered with his name, a thank you message to go on thank you cards and a little red train made up of the letters of his name. 
They were all really lovely objects to include and make the photo shoot just that little but more personal for him and his family. 

newborn boy sleeps on his tummy with a thank you card 
sleeping newborn boy with chunky rolls during his newborn photo shoot
newborn boy asleep on his tummy with a red train spelling out his name

Now, if you're new around here, you might not know it, but - I love detail shots!

I love to capture all those little details that you don't realise are growing so fast but in the blink of an eye are twice the size. 

all the small and cute details of a newborn baby boy from his newborn photo shoot in hemel hempstead

Sometimes, the more natural photos turn out to be the best.  When I laid Rory down at the end of the photo shoot he got himself comfortable in this position.  I added the wrap, which added a lovely bit of texture and also covered his modesty!

newborn boy in black and white for newborn photo shoot

As Rory's parents came all the way from Barnet for their newborn photo shoot, I did a reveal for mum and then an online gallery so that she could view the images with his dad after work. 

Here are some of the products that they decided to purchase (along with prints that I forgot the photograph before delivering - whoops!)

float frame product by becki williams photography in hemel hempstead
crystal USB from becki williams photography
acrylic block from becki williams photography

Becki was brilliant from start to finish. She was fantastic with our little boy (and gave us a lovely couple of hours relaxing while she did all the work!) not only that the products and photos were better than I could of hoped. Totally recommend her if you are looking to capture your little one- will def use her again xxxx
— Rory's Mum


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