Top Mummy YouTubers & Why You Should Watch Them!

There is no denying it, there is some weird stuff on YouTube. 

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Beside the usual cat videos, over the last few years the world has been taken by storm by children watching other children open and play with toys, adults acting out scenes with toys (yes, this is apparently acceptable) and tweenagers falling in love with YouTubers just like we did with pop stars.

If you think youtube is just for children and weirdoes though, you are very wrong!

Mum (and dad!) vloggers are taking to YouTube in force, sharing the ups and downs of pregnancy, children and family life. 

And when I say ups and downs, I mean it.  

I have followed families as they are have gone through everything from miscarriages, loss of parents, mental health issues, eating disorders, the struggles of daily life - the list is endless.  By sharing these things online, not only are they receiving support from their wide audience of followers, but also providing support for those going through similar things. 

The struggles of life are a very important side of YouTube but it is in NO WAY the focus. 

Through YouTube I have seen marriages and babies, first steps and first days of school.  I've watched families go on adventures and watched working mums inspire each other to start businesses and follow their dreams. 

It's full of tips on everything from beauty and fashion to potty training and how the hell you get your 4 year old to eat her broccoli.
It's reassurance that you are not the only parent that sits your kid in front of the tele so you can get things done and that yes, there are mums out there who are struggling just like you are - because here she is, right in front of you, sharing her life with you. 

If you'd like to dive into the world of YouTube but aren't sure where to start, let me share with you some of my favourite MumTubers.

Each one of the mums (or mum to be's!) below are at a different stage in their life and I hope you find a channel that you can relate to and enjoy. 

Fleur De Force

Main Channel
Vlog Channel

Fleur is in her late 20s and her first baby (a little girl) is due later this year.  Predominantly a beauty YouTuber, with make up lines in Boots and her very own MAC lipstick shade, her content now naturally includes baby related videos with weekly updates about hormones and bump size etc.  Her and her husband Mike do like to keep parts of their life to themselves though so don't expect a birth video or anything that extreme. 
You'll like this channel if:  You like dogs, beauty & fashion and don't get too jealous watching someone travel the world first class.

**UPDATE** Fleur has now given birth to a healthy little girl!

Sprinkle of Glitter/Chatter

Main Channel
Vlog Channel

Louise Pentland has a young daughter and is currently expecting baby number 2.
She started off with a much younger audience but after a while got a little bored of having to watch what she said all the time so starting to change her content to attract a more mature audience. 
Louise is refreshing real life and is unafraid to show us her make-up streaked face and admit she loves her utility room.
She makes weekly vlogs as well as baby, beauty and fashion content. 
You'll like this channel if: You like chirpy people who burst into song, and yet do it in a way that isn't annoying.  She's very down to earth and great for plus size fashion inspiration.  I see lots of baby content in her channels future. 

Aloha! I love beauty, babies (particularly mine) and shopping. Come on in, the water’s fine!
— Louise Pentland

The Michalaks

Weekly Vlog Channel
Hannah's Channel

If you can appreciate a gorgeously filmed and edited video then these guys are for you. 
A family of 4 who originated in London and have now moved to Bath for a more rural lifestyle. 
They show their everyday life in a way that makes it seem magical and idealistic but they are also unafraid on including the grotty bits. 
As well as the family vlog channel, Mum Hannah has her own separate channel which has a ton more baby, child and beauty content. 
You'll like this channel if:  You like pretty videos, real life, or if you have a young child and are expecting a second.  Hannah the mum is so lovely, you'll love her!

Rebecca's Main Channel
Family Vlog Channel

Rebecca is 28 year old and a wife to Mr Meldrum and mummy to Safiyah & Florence.  At the time of writing this I believe she is still pregnant but I do know that induction date is any day now so baby Meldrum may have arrived already (yay!)  The Meldrums are expecting quite a small baby and have been pre warned that their little one will have to spend some time in hospital before heading home.
**UPDATE** Little Poppy Meldrum has been born!
You'll like this channel if:  You want to see the every day real life of a mum's journey with her two children and newborn in the NICU. 

Sarah - This Mama Life

Main Channel

Sarah works full time while balancing life with her daughter Isla and son Lochlan. 
What makes this channel even more special is that her husband is in the Royal Navy and she makes the videos so that he can stay up to date while he is away.  The vlogs where they have to say goodbye for long periods of time are just heartbreaking!
She was really very open about everything during and after her last pregnancy so I would definitely suggest going back through the archives and watching her videos. 
You'll like this channel if:  You are looking for a YouTuber who is pure and simply 'real life' and refreshingly open.  Also great if you're a military family.

Katie Ellison

Main Channel

I’m Katie, mum to three little people, two little girls aged 6 and 4, and a little boy who was born in April 2016. We have a passion for travel and love to make videos of our adventures, but most of all we just like recording our ordinary moments so we can look back on them in years to come. You’ll find a mixture of all sorts on my channel- travel, ordinary life, kids clothes hauls, and just normal mum stuff.
— Katie Ellison

If none of those channels float your boat, DON'T GIVE UP YET!

There are so many YouTubers going through every walk of life out there that there WILL be someone that you can relate to.  I guarantee it. 

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A good place to start to find out more is the Channel Mum Youtube Channel.  This channel is made up of a selection of mum-tubers all with advice, stories, regrets - everything mum related.  
Another great thing about Channel Mum is that it can be the perfect gateway to finding a YouTuber that YOU connect with and you can continue to follow their journey as their little ones grow up.

I really hope that this blog has helped you see the love, support and information you can get through simply watching and following someone's experiences on youtube.  Who knows, maybe it's even inspired you to start your own channel so that you can share your experiences with other people. 

Last but not least I am going to share with you Channel Mums YANA philosophy.  Remember Mums - You Are Not Alone.