Newborn Photos St. Albans | Harry

Now I like a good chunky newborn baby and this little guy did not disappoint!  Just check out these adorable newborn rolls!
He looks so comfortable curled up on his tummy.

Newborn photos - On Tummy - cream hat - posed

I get asked to include all kinds of things in newborn photos but this was the first time I've included golf balls (Update:  This is becoming quite popular now!)
Apparently dad is looking forward to some good father and son golf days when he's older :)

NEWBORN PHOTOS - blue wrap   - golf ball - POSED
NEWBORN PHOTOS - fur blanket   - teddies - POSED - asleep

When Harry's mum showed me the teddies that she wanted to include, I knew exactly what to do with them.  They were pretty much identical in size and just longing to be hugged.  I placed him on my fur blanket, curled him up and then carefully placed his cuddly friends.  The photo came out perfectly!  
I can't wait to photograph him with them at his 6 month session to show just how much he's grown.

NEWBORN PHOTOS - black and white - asleep - POSED

This image is 'backlit'  (I took it from the shadow side rather than the light) and the contrast and texture of the blanket makes it a perfect black and white newborn photo.

I encourage all my families to at least get a few lifestyle photos together at the end of their session.  Existing in photos with your children is SO important. 
They don't have to be fancy - just a few family photos that your little one can look back on once they've grown up.

I love looking back at family photos - don't you?

NEWBORN PHOTOS - lifestyle - family - st albans

If have any questions or are interested in having newborn photos taken then please