Newborn Headbands - Choose your favourite!

Ok so I may have had a slight case of procrastination a few days ago and decided to organise some of my newborn headbands (paperwork can wait, right?!)

Newborn Headbands

The only problems with organising them is the fact it's made me want to buy more!

Sometimes when I get to a newborn session I can look at a baby and know what headband would suit them straight away.

This beautiful simple headband goes so well with her lovely rosy complexion and grey backdrop.  It's also a great one for parents who aren't quite sure whether newborn headbands are quite their cup of tea.

Newborn Headband, Newborn photography Hemel Hempstead

On the other end of the scale, I LOVE bright colours on darker skin.  This headband was brand new and i was just a teensy bit excited to use it.  (It's actually an adults headband from Primark that i've altered! Shhh!) 

Newborn headbands, Newborn Photography Hemel Hempstead

Now that i've laid all of my newborns headbands out, i've decided there is definitely room for growth :p

A few blues maybe? Some creams and browns for the neutral lovers out there?  OOooo a little crown?!

Let me know what your favourites are and help me decide what my next purchase will be :)