Baby Pictures | St Albans | Harry

I'm photographing so many milestone sessions lately that it's scary.

It only feels like I was photographing them as newborns 5 minutes ago, but here they are, smiling, sitting, standing, and full of personality. 

Harry's mum Liz got in touch earlier this year whilst pregnant with Harry.  Without knowing it, her brother had seen she'd liked my Facebook Page and contacted me to buy her a gift voucher. 
It worked out pretty perfectly!

I went and met the gorgeous Harry in March and took some photos of his chunky newborn rolls!

Now, 8 months later, it was time for my next visit.

These images are the perfect example of why baby pictures are so important.  Just look at the difference 8 months makes!  Using teddies like this is the perfect way to show how fast he's grown.

Baby pictures - 8 month old Harry as a newborn with his teddies
8 month old Harry in his cot with his teddies - St. Albans

When I take photos around peoples houses, I love to think of the children looking back in 10 years and their parents telling them stories about things in the images. 
Maybe the monkey mural was a huge pain to put on the wall, the bunting was made by a family member, the teddies he loved to play with.  I love to think that my images will be full of memories for them. 

Baby pictures-8 month old-Harry-Cot-Bunting

Ah, back to my favourite place to photograph babies - a big bed! 
Harry's mum is making a calendar of pictures of him for Christmas so we needed to tick a couple of months off of the list during his session.  First - Halloween. 

Baby pictures - 8 month old Harry on a big bed in a Halloween t-shirt
Baby pictures - 8 month old Harry on his tummy on a big bed
Baby pictures - 8 month old - Harry - big bed - halloween
Baby pictures - 8 month old Harry - feet - St. Albans

In typical 8 month old style, this little monster did NOT like staying still.  All he needs to do is flash you his dimples and you automatically forgive him though!

Baby pictures - 8 month old - Harry - smiles

To finish off his session we headed out to a local park in St. Albans.
Considering it was October, we completely lucked out with the weather and found ourselves in beautiful sunshine.

At this point we had to try and be more interesting than the tractor that was currently driving around the field (it was tricky!) but we managed to get some fun images with mum as well as some wintery images for his calendar. 

Baby pictures - 8 month old Harry and his mum playing in the park - St. Albans
Baby pictures - 8 month old Harry and his mum playing in the park - St. Albans
Baby pictures - 8 month old Harry and his mum playing in the park - St. Albans
Baby pictures - 8 month old Harry in the park wearing a blue hat

Harry and his family are always really lovely to work with and I'm already looking forward to heading back to St. Albans for his 1 year session - let's face it, it'll be here before we know it!

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Newborn Photos St. Albans | Harry

Now I like a good chunky newborn baby and this little guy did not disappoint!  Just check out these adorable newborn rolls!
He looks so comfortable curled up on his tummy.

Newborn photos - On Tummy - cream hat - posed

I get asked to include all kinds of things in newborn photos but this was the first time I've included golf balls (Update:  This is becoming quite popular now!)
Apparently dad is looking forward to some good father and son golf days when he's older :)

NEWBORN PHOTOS - blue wrap   - golf ball - POSED
NEWBORN PHOTOS - fur blanket   - teddies - POSED - asleep

When Harry's mum showed me the teddies that she wanted to include, I knew exactly what to do with them.  They were pretty much identical in size and just longing to be hugged.  I placed him on my fur blanket, curled him up and then carefully placed his cuddly friends.  The photo came out perfectly!  
I can't wait to photograph him with them at his 6 month session to show just how much he's grown.

NEWBORN PHOTOS - black and white - asleep - POSED

This image is 'backlit'  (I took it from the shadow side rather than the light) and the contrast and texture of the blanket makes it a perfect black and white newborn photo.

I encourage all my families to at least get a few lifestyle photos together at the end of their session.  Existing in photos with your children is SO important. 
They don't have to be fancy - just a few family photos that your little one can look back on once they've grown up.

I love looking back at family photos - don't you?

NEWBORN PHOTOS - lifestyle - family - st albans

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