A Sisterly Summer Photo Shoot

A Sisterly Summer Photo Shoot

These adorable sisters have been coming to me for Photo Shoots ever since Skye was a baby and her big sister Sophia was quiet and shy. 

Fast forward a couple of years and you have yourself two little, talkative cheeky monkeys.  I say that, but they are also two of the politest children I've ever photographed and I look forward to every single shoot with them. 

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Photographing my Family | Gadebridge Park

Photographing my Family | Gadebridge Park

The best thing about photographing family is that it's more like a day out rather than work.  I can try things and happily admit when they don't work and at the end you get to hang out, practice cartwheels and eat ice-cream.  (Unfortunately I was too full from ice-cream for the cartwheels otherwise obviously I would have joined in...)

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Baby Photography Hemel Hempstead | Elsie Turns 1!

Baby Photography Hemel Hempstead | Elsie Turns 1!
“We couldn’t recommend Becki highly enough - she was brilliant with our daughter who was instantly relaxed around her meaning we got amazing natural photographs that we are so happy with. She captured her personality perfectly. The photos and canvases are such high quality and we will definitely be using her again for baby number 2!”
— Lauren, Elsie's mum
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Baby Photography | Luton | The Adventures of Isla

Baby Photography | Luton | The Adventures of Isla

April 2017 - The Adventure

Life as a 1 year old is one big adventure.  Every door must be opened, every stair climbed and every raised surface fallen off of.   It's a time of constant curiosity. 

It is also a time of throwing routine out the window whenever you fancy it, which is what happened in Isla's case.  

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Baby Photographer | High Wycombe | Abby & Family

Baby Photographer | High Wycombe | Abby & Family

Abby's family were bought a gift voucher for three sessions, which they decided to use at 4 months, 8 months & 1 year.
Time has flown by, as it has a habit of doing, and a few weeks ago I completed Abby's last session.

For this session, Abby's family decided to turn it into a family photo shoot, including her mum, dad and two big sisters. 

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Family Photography | Hitchin | Wriggles & Bum Shuffles!

Family Photography | Hitchin | Wriggles & Bum Shuffles!

Newborn Photo Shoot - sleepy cuteness!

I first met Harper for her newborn photo shoot around 8 months ago.  She was the perfect little sleepy model and we got a selection of gorgeous images - I mean, how cute is the image below?!  And that hair!!

8 month Session - wriggles and bum shuffles

As usual time disappeared in the blink of an eye and it was time for Harper's next milestone session.  I headed to their house and we got some gorgeous lifestyle family images as well as shots of Harper by herself.
I do sessions in all kinds of houses and every now and then I fall in love.  Beautifully decorated, loads of space and gorgeous sunlight - this house is a dream!

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High Wycombe Photographer | The Montgomery Family

High Wycombe Photographer | The Montgomery Family

I first met the Montgomery family before they even became the Montgomery family back in September 2015. 
There was talk of a wedding but the main focus at that time was the little bump that was soon to arrive. 

The Maternity Session

The majority of their session took place at their house in High Wycombe (which is one of the most hilly places i've ever been!)

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Family Photographer, St Albans | The Hall Family

Family Photographer, St Albans | The Hall Family

We have worked with Becki a number of times and have always found her shoots to be relaxed and enjoyable. She provides a wonderful variety of images to choose from and always has great ideas and props! We look forward to working with her again!

                                                                                  - The Hall Family

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Newborn Baby Pics | Elliot

Elliot's family got in touch recently to arrange for me to come and take some family and baby pictures for them.  

I prefer to take family photos in my clients home as the lifestyle fashion of photography means that their surroundings will be in the background of the photos.  I think it's so much nicer to see your home in your photos rather than a studio backdrop.
I like to think that in the future they will look back at their photos and remember things about their lives at that time.  'Remember when we lived there'  'That was before this or that happened' etc. 


The window light in their living area was perfect and made for the beautifully lit images. 

BABY PICS HEMEL HEMPSTEAD - family cuddles baby boy
BABY PICS HEMEL HEMPSTEAD - dad cuddles baby boy - black and white

As well as family images, I captured a few images of Elliot by himself.  There is no posing at this age and things are kept nice and simple.  Just look at those eyes! <3  

baby pics hemel hempstead - baby boy lays wrapped in blue blanket

Rather than just buy digitals, they decided to purchase lots of lovely prints to hang on their walls and give to family.  
I hope they enjoy their images for many years to come!

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Lifestyle Newborn Photography | St Albans

As much as I love posed newborn photos, there is something so special about taking lifestyle family pictures - those little moments between family captured.

James has been born into the cutest little family!
His big sister is just adorable.  I got the image below while just setting up my camera, testing the light.  Just look at those eyes!


After a little warming up, she was ready for some photos with her new little brother.  She wasn't quite ready to touch him yet, but she knew exactly who he was when we asked!

sister and her newborn brother
newborn baby laying on a bed
family with newborn cuddling on a bed

Next it was time to set up the beanbag to get some gorgeous posed photos.
I wrapped him up and he drifted off to sleep, ready for some cute posing.

wrapped up newborn baby
sleeping newborn baby photo
newborn in a bowl prop laying on fluffy rug

How cute is this group of three images together?!  I can picture them all in a triple frame together. 

family with newborn on bed

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Baby Photos | Milton Keynes

It was an absolute pleasure to go and capture some baby photos for this family a few weeks ago.  You can see from the images what a happy and loving family they are! 

My pink tutu came out to play for this session as her mum liked lots of girly things.  I also think this may be the most outfit changes I've had in one session before!

As usual we started on my favourite place to photograph babies - the bed.  It wasn't long before the dog, mum and dad got in on the photos for some cuddles and giggles as well.

Baby Photos Hemel Hempstead - Baby and dog
Baby Photos Hemel Hempstead - pink tutu, teddy, smiles

I just love the three images below.  Images like this are perfect to include in an album or in a triple frame. 

Baby Photos Hemel Hempstead - daddy and baby
Baby Photos Hemel Hempstead - daddy and baby
Baby Photos Hemel Hempstead - dad & baby
Baby Photos Hemel Hempstead - relaxed, lifestyle
Baby Photos Hemel Hempstead - cute family pictures

There was some beautiful natural light coming into their living room window, which I of course had to make the most of to give a gorgeous bright background. 

Baby Photos Hemel Hempstead - daddy kisses
Baby Photos Hemel Hempstead - mummy and baby

No session is complete without an image of the sleepy dog :)  This cutie enjoyed sleeping with her eyes open and snoring loudly!!!

Baby Photos Hemel Hempstead - family and dog photographer

My fluffy blanket goes with me everywhere.  It's great for getting both slightly more studio style photos as well as just being laid on the floor for some extra comfort in some lifestyle images. 

Baby Photos Hemel Hempstead - pink tutu
Baby Photos Hemel Hempstead - pink tutu
Baby Photos Hemel Hempstead - red tutu


***May 2016 Update***

I loved the images from this session so much that I decided to use them in my sample portrait album.  Take a quick look at the video to see the amazing quality of the album and how great the images look when printed.


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