Newborn Girl Portraits | Sadie

Little Sadie came to me from Leavesden for her Newborn Portraits.

She decided that to start with she wanted to be very awake! Her eye contact is amazing and I love that little hand reaching her to her mum’s cheek.

When a baby arrives awake I generally wrap them up first, which settles them down and sends them to sleep. As you can see though, it doesn’t work all the time!

newborn girl wrapped in pink blanket, staring at the camera for her newborn portraits in hemel hempstead

Her eye contact was amazing for such a young baby!

With a full tummy of milk and lots of cuddles, Sadie drifted off to sleep and the gentle positioning could begin. I started her off on her side and used lots of little feminine touches like little headbands and soft pink and purple wraps.

newborn girl laying asleep on her side. She’s covered in a small pink blanket and is wearing a pink headband.

From her side, I moved her onto her tummy where she kept snoozing soundly. Using little wraps like this purple one also gives great texture in black and white newborn portraits. And of course bear hats for added cuteness!

It wouldn’t be a Becki Williams Photography photo shoot without some kind of fluffy blanket. By the looks of it, Sadie agrees that it’s nice and comfy!

black and white portrait of a newborn girl laying on her back on a fluffy blanket with her legs curled up for her newborn portraits in hemel hempstead

The newborn portrait below is a digital backdrop. That means I’ve purchased an image of a backdrop and bowl (this one comes from a very popular artist called Luisa Dunn) and then photoshopped Sadie into the Image. If you really like photos in bowls and baskets it’s a really lovely way to get more variety into your gallery for you to choose from.

a newborn baby girl lays curled up on a grey blanket inside a brown wooden bowl, which sits on a purple spotted backdrop for her newborn photo shoot in hemel hempstead

It was really lovely to meet you Sadie. Thank you for choosing me as your photographer!


I am a Hemel Hempstead Photographer who specialises in both Baby & Newborn Portraits. With 16 years of photography and Photoshop experience, my job is to give you images you will treasure and an experience you’ll look back on and smile. It’s a job I enjoy every single day!

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