Newborn Girl Portraits | Pearl

Little Pearl came to me from Dunstable for her Newborn Portraits earlier this year.

After arriving just a couple of days early, her shoot took places on its planned date, which is almost unheard of! I would say around 90% of the babies I photograph come either early or late so I move their shoot date depending on when they arrive.

To start with, I wrapped Pearl up and we did family photos with her mum and dad together as well as seperately. She loved being snuggled up and fell asleep straight away.

new mum and dad holding thier newborn baby girl at their photo shoot in hemel hempstead

After parent photos, it was on to large props. I chose a lovely earthy brown setup in my dark wooden crate and made it lovely and comfortable for her on some fluffy blankets.

From there I set up my posing beanbag, which is a large round bean bag covered in a layers of blankets. Layering the blankets means I can easily transition from one to another without having to disturb her while she sleeps.

newborn baby girl laying on and under a flowery blanket, sleeping
sleeping newborn baby girl laying on her front on a pink blanket covered in a pink wrap

Ah, I love it when a newborn smiles! And if you’re hugging a bunny at the time - well that’s like winning the photo lottery!

sleeping newborn baby girl, laying on her side, hugging a toy bunny rabbit at her newborn photo shoot in hemel hempstead
close up of newborn baby girls face as she sleeps on her side, laying on a grey blanket at her newborn photo shoot in hemel hempstead

It’s always great to include personal items in a newborn photo shoot. Some people bring teddies, other blankets - some random things like golf balls and bike helmets! Pearls family brought this lovely little elephant.

newborn baby girl laying asleep on her back, cuddling a crocheted elephant at her newborn photo shoot in hemel hempstead

Details, details, details! Those little things that will change oh so quickly.

Thank you for letting me photograph you Pearl. You were a perfect little sleeper and are welcome back any time.


Becki Williams is a Hemel Hempstead Photographer who specialises in Studio Newborn Photography. With over 14 years of photography experience you will enjoy a lovely, calm photo shoot and images you will treasure forever.

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