Adhiya's Newborn Photo Shoot | Hemel Hempstead

When Adhiya’s family booked her Newborn Photo Shoot they said that they would like awake photos that captured her personality.

Of course once they said that I was expecting the worlds sleepiest baby to turn up that I couldn’t keep awake, but she was in fact the perfect awake model that her mum and dad had been hoping for.

She flashed me those beautiful dark eyes and that gorgeous smile for all but about 2 minutes of her photo shoot.

We started with family pictures, making sure mum and dad got their moment in front of the camera with her as well.
I think family photos are so important. I’m sure Adhiya will love looking back at these in the future.

Mum and dad wanted to keep things nice and simple so instead of using any large props (like crates or bowls) we went straight onto my specially made newborn posing beanbag.


A gorgeous little Rainbow Baby <3


Nothing says personality like these three photos.

That tongue! It’s hilarious!


Of course I couldn’t let the shoot go by without capturing those little details. So tiny for such a short amount of time.


I’ve never had a baby so young with so much personality come to be photographed. I don’t think a baby this young has ever been so awake and content either.

Adhiya, you really are something special!


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