My 2019 New Years Resolutions

I love writing my New Years Resolutions.

I completely understand that they aren’t for everyone, but I love setting myself little goals that I can work towards throughout the year. They’re nothing too difficult (apart from maybe the one where I want to stop my dog barking so much…) and are all things that I want to improve for myself, rather than being things that other people have made me feel like I should do.

photograph of kindle on bed side table with a lit candle and succulent

1. Read More

Although it felt like I had read quite a lot last year, I only read 7.2 books. You’ll have to read my other blog post to understand the creative maths that went into working that one out!
Reading is something that really helps me relax and will definitely help towards my Work/Life balance resolution below.
It’s a bit of a push but I’m going to aim for 10 books this year.

2. Exercise

I am sitting here the un-fittest and unhealthiest I have been in a very long time.
The second half of last year, work got busy meaning my gym visits were few and far between and my snacking habits became almost legendary.
The stupid thing is, I love going to the gym! I just really struggled with finding the time (here we are with that work/life balance thing again!)
If this time next year I am healthier and fitter than I am now in any way, I will deem it a success.

dog sitting on the sofa in the sun, laying on her owners legs

3. Carry on with Jess’ training

I’m more determined that ever this year to work on Jess’ (my Springer Spaniel) training. She can do more tricks than most show dogs but the one trick she can’t do is stop barking…
It’s something that’s going to take a long time to fix but hopefully this year I’ll at least make some leeway.

4. Work/Life balance

Things got a bit crazy at some points when it came to work last year.
I was working so many evenings and weekends that I was spending hardly any time with my husband and forgot what I actually used to do in my spare time.
If the break over Christmas has shown me anything, it’s that I have to start finding ways to pull myself away from work - something that’s made harder by the fact that working from home means it constantly surrounds me.
It’s hard to set a hard goal for this one but If I’m feeling less frazzled by the end of 2019, we’ll call it a success.

Have you set yourself any New Years Resolutions? Let me know below.