The Froggy Pose | Newborn Photography Hemel Hempstead

When it comes to newborn photography, your baby’s safety comes first.

No pose or pretty setup is worth putting a baby at risk.

There was one pose I wouldn’t do until I had been properly trained in how to do it best and that pose is called Froggy. It’s a composite photo, which means it’s made up two photos edited into one.
You carefully position the baby in a certain position, holding them safely and take a photo. You then move your hand to another position and take another photo.

After recently attending a training day where the ‘Froggy’ pose was a main focus, I am now loving including it in my client’s galleries and the babies are loving it to! So far, every baby I have posed like this has settled into a deep sleep.

professional newborn pictures in hemel hempstead with becki williams photography of a newborn baby in the froggy pose on a mauve blanket

newborn baby girl in the froggy pose at her newborn photo shoot in hemel hempstead

Becki WIlliams is a Hemel Hempstead Photographer who is professionally trained in Newborn Photography and has over 15 years of experience with Photoshop. If you’re looking for gorgeous, professional newborn photography, please get in touch.