Newborn Girl Portraits Hemel Hempstead | Louisa

It would be very easy to overload this blog with photos of this baby as she’s a little special to me!

Meet my beautiful niece, Louisa.

To say I was excited for this newborn photo shoot would be the understatement of the year.
After a little bit of a rough start and being expertly looked after by the doctors and nurses at Watford Hospital, Louisa came home with her mummy and daddy and we booked her in for her newborn shoot.

We started with parent photos and what with this being a free shoot for my brother, I started with something I’d never tried before - a backlit black and white photo. I love the result and hope they do to.

Black and white silhouette of parents holding their newborn baby girl at their newborn photo shoot in hemel hempstead

A gorgeous new little family.

I think Louisa knew that her mummy and daddy would like some awake photos to show off those beautiful big eyes so she was awake and very alert to begin with. Well done little girl!

With a little milk and some cuddles (It’s a hard job!) she drifted off to sleep and the posing could begin.

sleeping newborn baby on their side at their newborn photo shoot in hemel hempstead

Winne The Pooh has always been a part of my brother’s life so it makes sense that it’s being passed down to Louisa now. I can tell you that this teddy does not look half as big next to her any more!

a baby girl asleep on her side cuddling a toy eeyore at her newborn photo shoot in hemel hempstead
a newborn baby girl laying curled up asleep on her back at her baby photo shoot in hemel hempstead

Again, trying something a little different, I had some simple black and white photos in my head and they came out beautifully. I wanted something really simple that left all the focus on her in all her tininess.

Those lashes - they’re insane! And those gorgeous lips!

To round off her gallery I included some Digital Backdrops by Luisa Dunn. Digital backdrops are where you photograph a baby on a simple background and then edit them into a more complicated scene. It’s the perfect way to add a little more variety into a gallery without having to constantly disrupt the baby. They’re also great when you want certain colour schemes of themes.

This little monkey will be photographed A LOT growing up. She will be my model all the way up to her telling me she doesn’t want to any more - and with the right bribes, maybe a bit longer!

newborn baby girl lays asleep curled up on a giant purple heart shaped cushion at her newborn photo shoot in hemel hempstead

Becki Williams is a Hemel Hempstead photographer who specialises in Newborn & Baby Photography. With 5 years experience of working with under 1’s you can rest assure that your little one is in safe hands and you will get photos you love.