A Family Maternity Photo Shoot | Gadebridge Park

I was sitting at my desk, working one day when I got an enquiry email come through for a Newborn Photo Shoot.

‘So what?’ You might be thinking. ‘Isn’t that your job?’

And you’re right - I get these emails all the time…..but this one was extra special because it was from my brother!

A little chat later and it was all confirmed - my sister-in-law was pregnant! I’m going to be an Aunty again!

I was sworn to secrecy until they had told everyone close to them and then I was set free to shout it from the rooftops.

I was over the moon when they asked me to do a Maternity shoot as well. I don’t get to do many Maternity photo shoots (too busy with little newborns!) but I love it when I do because they are so lovely and relaxed.

It was a chilly, Autumn day when we headed down to Gadebridge Park in Hemel Hempstead. I’d got them out of bed early to avoid the harsh mid-day sun, which on the day didn’t look like it had any plan of shining anyway.
We avoided the crazy Park Runners running in such freezing temperatures and even bumped into my mum walking the dog.

We started on the lovely white bridge (does a photo shoot even happen at Gadebridge Park if you don’t use the bridge?!) and then moved to a little bench next to the river.

maternity photo shoot in gadebridge park - pregnant lady sits side on on a park bench, holding her tummy

I love this wall up at the back of the park (close to Mr. Stinks bench) It’s so textured and beautifully mossy.

Just like the white bridge, the walled garden is essential when it comes to a Gadebridge Park photo shoot. I’ve got to admit though, I do have pretty bad luck and half the time it’s either being replanted or closed for watering when I go there.

Not this day though! It may not be in full bloom in Autumn but with it’s gorgeous walls and iron gates it’s still beautiful - just like this mum to be.

pregnant lady stands holding her stomach, looking down at it in the walled galled in gadebridge park, hemel hempstead

Time has flown by since this maternity photo shoot and my niece, Louisa, has arrived safely and gives her aunty Becki some great hugs! A blog about her newborn photo shoot will be up here very soon.

newborn baby girl lays curled up in a ball, sleeping. black and white on a black background

maternity photography hemel hempstead, hertfordshire

Becki Williams is a Hemel Hempstead Photographer who specialises in Baby & Newborn Photo Shoots. Each photo shoot is very relaxed and goes at the speed you and your baby needs with lots of breaks for feeding and cuddles. I want you to look back at your shoot and remember it as an exciting day where you received images you’ll treasure for years.

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