Cute Baby Photos Hemel Hempstead | Osezena

Oh Osezena you are the definition of Cute Baby Photos!

Just look at that gorgeous hair and those beautiful lips!

Osezena was so good at her newborn photo shoot that we were finished in record time. With a full tummy of milk, she slept soundly and let me pose her easily and comfortably.
Her mum runs her own newborn business (there always feels like there is extra pressure when this happens!) and was happy to sit back and relax while I photographed her little girl.

newborn baby girl, laying on her side, sleeping, wearing a floral headband and covered in a cream wrap at her photo shoot in hemel hempstead
close up on newborn baby girl’s face as she sleeps on a cream blanket during her newborn photo shoot in hemel hempstead

We kept things nice and neutral for this photo shoot, just adding a few colourful, feminine touches like the floral headband above and pink wrap and headband below.

I adore this image. ADORE it! She was so content, comfortable and relaxed.

newborn baby girl lays soundly asleep with her hands in air and her legs curled up comfortably, held by a grey blanket that flows out to the side of her at her newborn photo shoot in hemel hempstead

Not many shoots pass me by without this furry blanket making an appearance. I love it for more natural poses like this to create the most cute baby photos.

newborn girl lays asleep on her back on a fluffy blanket during her newborn photo shoot in hemel hempstead

Details, details details! What’s your favourite from the below? I’m usually a toes girl but I love her little fingers and hair out of these.

images of newborn baby details such as feet, hands, lips, nose, hair, ears and back rolls.

It was a pleasure to take such cute baby photos of you Osezena - you made my job very easy!

newborn baby girl

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Becki Williams Photography is fully insured and has been trained by the British Red Cross in Child First Aid so you can rest easy that your newborn baby is in safe hands during your photo shoot.

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