Baby Photography Hemel Hempstead | Elsie Turns 1!

We couldn’t recommend Becki highly enough - she was brilliant with our daughter who was instantly relaxed around her meaning we got amazing natural photographs that we are so happy with. She captured her personality perfectly. The photos and canvases are such high quality and we will definitely be using her again for baby number 2!
— Lauren, Elsie's mum

Elsie's mum contacted me a few weeks ago asking for some relaxed family photos around their house in Hemel Hempstead. 

They weren't interested in very posed photos and wanted to keep things nice and simple to remember their little monkey turning 1. 

It was a bit of an adventure discovering their house as it was in a part of Hemel that I'm pretty sure never even existed the last time I was over that side of town!
The three stories meant there was lots of light on the upper floors - perfect for gorgeous photos. 

Elsie was a little unsure at first but after a bit of playing and getting to know each other, the smiles soon came out in force. 
She's a total mummies girl and wanted to be where ever her mum was. 


As well as crawling at the speed of light, Elsie's new trick is to pull herself to standing.  Windows, chairs, her cot - all is fair game!


How many people does it take to blow bubbles?

More than 3 apparently!

I had taken two pots of bubbles to the shoot and none of us could blow them!  I'm not sure if it was the heat but they just plain refused to work.
Luckily there was a sneaky bubble blower waiting to be wrapped up for Elsie for her birthday.  Her dad came to the rescue with batteries from the remote control (as always!)  and finally we had bubbles!


Having at least one change of outfit means you get a lot more variety in your photos.  I'm more than happy to help you pick either before your session or when I arrive.

I love baby chubbiness so think limbs should be out for at least 1 outfit.  Whether you gamble and go fully naked or use a little vest is up to you!!



I ADORE the photos of Elsie in her cot. 

She was so happy just to chill out in there and give a little over the shoulder smile for the camera!

Her blue top goes so nicely with the pink walls and I don't know about you but I kind of want stars on my walls now...


The Reveal Session


A couple of weeks after their session I returned to their house for their Reveal Session.  This is where we sit down and go through all their images so they can choose what images they'd like to buy. 

You won't get any pushy sales talk from me.  Whether you buy all the digitals or only a few prints, i'll still help you with the best ways and places to hang your photos. 

We walked around their house with my large Canvas and smaller Metal Print, holding it up to different walls and seeing what sizes suited them best. 
In the end they decided to order a 20x30 canvas and 10 smaller prints so that they can put together a gallery wall.  

professional photography prints in Hemel hempstead
Professional photography canvas in hemel hempstead
professional photography products wrapped and ready to deliver

Gallery Wall Designs

Baby photography gallery wall, Hemel Hempstead
Baby photography gallery wall, Hemel Hempstead
Baby photography gallery wall, Hemel Hempstead

Along with their products, I sent over a few designs for their gallery wall.  I have some snazzy software on my tablet which means I can input the images you have chosen and help you design a wall you'll love. 
I can even take a picture of your wall and use it as the background so you can see what the images will look like ON the wall!

professional baby photography in hemel hempstead - 1 year old smiling in her cot

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