Baby Photography Hemel Hempstead | Elsie Turns 1!

Baby Photography Hemel Hempstead | Elsie Turns 1!
“We couldn’t recommend Becki highly enough - she was brilliant with our daughter who was instantly relaxed around her meaning we got amazing natural photographs that we are so happy with. She captured her personality perfectly. The photos and canvases are such high quality and we will definitely be using her again for baby number 2!”
— Lauren, Elsie's mum
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Baby Photography | Amelia Turns 1

Happy 1st Birthday Amelia!

I first met Amelia's mum and dad for their Maternity Session over a year ago.  The thing I remember most about their Maternity Session was the amount of discussion that went on about what they were going to call her!

I then went back a few weeks later and met baby Amelia (good choice!)

Where better to start than with the little chair that she got for her birthday.  In typical 1 year old fashion that of course means climbing on and nearly falling off of it many times. 


Window light is the most beautiful kind!

The thing I love about the bed photos is the fact that we got Maternity photos in this exact spot.  The perfect way to show how life has changed over the last year. 


These types of colourful wall murals are so popular right now and I absolutely love them.  I LOVE colour in photos, specially with older babies.


I love this photo <3

Gorgeous light coming in from the windows, the way she's looking up at her birthday balloon - love it!  There's just someone about it black and white that I adore. 

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1 Year Old Photo Shoot : Ella


Have I mentioned I love photographing 1 year olds?!  No? Well I do!

1 - 2 hours of acting as silly as you want, being used as a climbing frame, nose stealing, tummy tickling - I love it!

A few weeks ago I went to photograph Ella who had just celebrated her 1st birthday.  She's a smiley cheeky little girl who can crawl like lightening! 

We played pass the rhino & the egg in the living room, bang the toy against the cot in her bedroom, whose that in the mirror in her parents room and did some reading and crawling in between!

A typical day in the life of a 1 year old - but this time caught on camera :)