Darcie's Newborn Photo Shoot | Hemel Hempstead

Darcie's Newborn Photo Shoot | Hemel Hempstead

I first met the lovely Montgomery family back in 2015 when they were expecting their first son, George.  We've done Maternity, Newborn, Christmas, 6 month & 1 year shoots together and it's been really great getting to know them and watching little George grow up. 

When they got in touch to let me know they were expecting baby number 2 I was very excited!  We discussed everything they wanted from this next newborn shoot and counted down the days till her arrival. 

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Poppy's Newborn Photo Shoot | Hemel Hempstead

Poppy's Newborn Photo Shoot | Hemel Hempstead

Little Poppy came from Berkhamsted for her newborn shoot when she was 10 days old.

And when I say little, I really mean it.  She was born at Luton & Dunstable Hospital at 35 weeks and weighed just 5.5lb. 

She was the perfect little sleeper but my goodness did she like a good wriggle!  I would get her into position, let her get comfy, and then we were good to go....until she decided it was time to wriggle again!

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Newborn Photo Shoot | Hemel Hempstead | Lylah

Newborn Photo Shoot | Hemel Hempstead | Lylah

Everyone meet Lylah.  This gorgeous little thing was towards the older end of the timescale that I offer newborn photo shoots so she was on the wriggly side!
My main aim for her session was to get some beautiful images with her mum as well as some images in props.

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Family Photography | Hitchin | Wriggles & Bum Shuffles!

Family Photography | Hitchin | Wriggles & Bum Shuffles!

Newborn Photo Shoot - sleepy cuteness!

I first met Harper for her newborn photo shoot around 8 months ago.  She was the perfect little sleepy model and we got a selection of gorgeous images - I mean, how cute is the image below?!  And that hair!!

8 month Session - wriggles and bum shuffles

As usual time disappeared in the blink of an eye and it was time for Harper's next milestone session.  I headed to their house and we got some gorgeous lifestyle family images as well as shots of Harper by herself.
I do sessions in all kinds of houses and every now and then I fall in love.  Beautifully decorated, loads of space and gorgeous sunlight - this house is a dream!

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Newborn Pictures | St. Albans | Rebecca

As names come and go in and out of fashion, I did wonder if I would ever get to photograph a baby with my own name.  Turns out I didn't have to wait long!

Rebecca's mummy got in touch while she pregnant and booked for both maternity and newborn pictures.  You can read all about her maternity session Here.

A few weeks later I went back and met Rebecca at her house in St Albans.  I set up my giant beanbag and blanket backdrops in their living room and started with some wrapped pictures to help her drift off to sleep. 

newborn pictures, st albans,  baby lays asleep in purple wrap

This lilac wrap was actually a gift from a past client and this is the first time I've used it.  I think the colour is beautiful and the texture is perfect to have it fading away into the background.

newborn pictures st albans, baby lays asleep on side with purple blanket

Sometimes it's nice to transfer to the next pose (this case on her side) while keeping to the same wrap.  That way she didn't need to be uncovered and therefore stayed nice and warm and settled. 

newborn pictures st albans, wrapped baby on fur in bowl
newborn pictures st albans, baby asleep on fur blanket

After pictures on the bean bag it was time to mix things up a little and include some texture. 
She was a little awake at first so I wrapped her up again, this time keeping her little legs free and placed her into my newborn posing bowl. 
Once she had settled back into a deep sleep I slowly unwrapped her and captured lots of different angles as well as those very important details. 


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Baby Photography | Amelia Turns 1

Happy 1st Birthday Amelia!

I first met Amelia's mum and dad for their Maternity Session over a year ago.  The thing I remember most about their Maternity Session was the amount of discussion that went on about what they were going to call her!

I then went back a few weeks later and met baby Amelia (good choice!)

Where better to start than with the little chair that she got for her birthday.  In typical 1 year old fashion that of course means climbing on and nearly falling off of it many times. 


Window light is the most beautiful kind!

The thing I love about the bed photos is the fact that we got Maternity photos in this exact spot.  The perfect way to show how life has changed over the last year. 


These types of colourful wall murals are so popular right now and I absolutely love them.  I LOVE colour in photos, specially with older babies.


I love this photo <3

Gorgeous light coming in from the windows, the way she's looking up at her birthday balloon - love it!  There's just someone about it black and white that I adore. 

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Newborn Pictures | Hemel Hempstead | Primrose

Primrose's newborn pictures are so cute, cuddly and full of personality.  Just look at that big smile!!

As seems to be the theme recently, she was quite awake to start with so I wrapped her up snuggly in one of my purple wraps.  She flashed us some big smiles and long stares before falling asleep and the posing could begin. 

Newborn Pictures Hemel Hempstead smiles

This pose is a slight adjustment to the 'on tummy' pose, where her legs have been bought forward to she's a little more on her side.  It's a subtle change in pose but gives a whole new variety of images.

Newborn Pictures Hemel Hempstead On her tummy
newborn pictures hemel hempstead cute lips

The posing bowl won on comfort once again as she snuggled down into the fluff.  I used the living room floor as the backdrop as it matched the colour tones I was going for really well. 

newborn pictures Hemel Hempstead  - posing bowl, fluff

It's all about the details!  Those tiny features won't stay tiny for long.

I especially love the nose and lips out of the pictures below <3

Newborn pictures Hemel Hempstead - nose macro
Newborn pictures Hemel Hempstead - feet
Newborn pictures Hemel Hempstead - baby folds
Newborn pictures Hemel Hempstead - lips macro


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Newborn Photographer | St Albans | Bailey

I seem to be photographing a few star newborns recently and little Bailey definitely fell into that category!  She's a tiny little bundle of cuteness and comes from a seriously well travelled family!  Starting off on the beanbag, onto her tummy she went and out came the headbands and wraps (yay for girls and headbands!)

Newborn Photographer St Albans - pink headband
Newborn Photographer St Albans - floral headband
Newborn Photographer St Albans - green lace
Newborn Photographer St Albans - lips

Next it was time for fur and to get snuggled in the posing bowl (which just so happened took amazing on their living room floor!)

Newborn Photographer St Albans - feet
Newborn Photographer St Albans - fur, bowl
Newborn Photographer St Albans - fluff, blow

Mum wanted a few pictures of her and her new arrival together so they sat together on the sofa for some cuddles.  To me, parent shots are less about capturing all of the details that the posed photos show and more about capturing that moment in time. 

Newborn Photographer St Albans - mummy
Newborn Photographer St Albans - mum & baby

Getting pictures of Bailey and her canine protector was a little more difficult as I'm not 100% sure he approved of the new arrival quite yet!  Luckily, while eating a snack earlier in the session, I discovered his love for carrots.  A little doggy bribery later and he started to realise she wasn't so bad after all :)

Newborn Photographer St Albans - dog

I can't wait to go back and see them all again when she's sitting for her next session.


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First shoot of the year! - Sophie

Little did I know when I booked a lifestyle photo shoot for the beginning of the year, that it was going to be with one of the happiest and most personality filled babies that I have EVER photographed!

Everyone meet 9 month old Sophie.

Seeing her personality, I just knew I had to get some photos on her play mat.  The bright colours suited her personality to a T.


I then captured her beautiful smile on a nice simple fluffy rug before heading upstairs and getting some photos on mummy's big bed. 


Apparently Nanny has been teaching her this little trick!!


Finally we headed into her bedroom for some photos in her cot and in front her colourful book shelf. 


This 'lifestyle' approach to photography not only captures her beautiful personality - but also a snapshot of this time in her life - the house she will grow up in, her crib, her toys and books. 

If you're interested in a lifestyle shoot, or would like some more information, please Get In Touch!