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Newborn Photo Shoot - sleepy cuteness!

I first met Harper for her newborn photo shoot around 8 months ago.  She was the perfect little sleepy model and we got a selection of gorgeous images - I mean, how cute is the image below?!  And that hair!!


8 month Session - wriggles and bum shuffles

As usual time disappeared in the blink of an eye and it was time for Harper's next milestone session.  I headed to their house and we got some gorgeous lifestyle family images as well as shots of Harper by herself.
I do sessions in all kinds of houses and every now and then I fall in love.  Beautifully decorated, loads of space and gorgeous sunlight - this house is a dream!

I've just realised that 90% of the images i've chosen to show in this blog are on the bed!  You'll never guess what my favourite location is?!

Starting with Harper by herself I used the natural light streaming in from the large window and kept it all very natural.  Look how tiny she looks on that huge bed still.  I can't wait to get her back on it when she's 1 to see how much she's grown (if I can get her stay still...)


Nothing is cuter than a naked baby.  Nothing. 
I always carry a waterproof mat and a blanket to place over parent beds to protect the sheets for all the hazards that come with a naked 8 month old, but when a parent is willing to take the risk on their own sheets - even better.
It was Harper vs. the bed sheets and the bed sheets lost!


I'd take natural family photos over posed any day.  I sit families together and simply get them to play, tickle and have fun while I take pictures. 
Time for an outfit change?  I capture that to.  You never know when fun things like tummy raspberries with daddy are going to spontaniously happen. 


Cots are the best way to show just how much your little ones are growing.  Harper had just started trying to pull herself up to standing but she didn't quite have full control yet.  When I go back to see her again in a few months she'll be clinging onto (and probably eating) these cot sides!


All the best people start out bum shuffling ( can you guess how I started moving :p)
When you're yet to quite master the art of crawling its the best way to get to all the things you want and escape the things you don't.  One big obstable though - carpet.  It's much easier to slide on wooden floor. 
I'm pretty sure that's exactly what Harper was thinking sitting in this doorway!


Family photography Hemel Hempstead-Baby in cot