Mother's Day Gift Ideas

I love days like Mother's Day.  I know some people think they are just ways of making us spend more money, blah blah blah, but I think they are the perfect little reminders to show people in our life how much we appreciate them. 
Yes, in an ideal world we would show them every single day but you know as well as I do that life happens and before you know it it's weeks since you've given your mum an extra long or tight hug. 

That doesn't make choosing a gift any easier though. 
It's only 3 months since Christmas and in my case only 2 months since mum's birthday so present ideas are running thin. 

Homemade or shop bought?  Small token gift or flashy show of love?  I've put together a list of my top picks from home made crafts, local businesses, online, high street finds and pure extravagance.

It's been hard work, but some one's got to do it (who am I kidding?  It was great fun!)

If you want to see everything I found, head over to my Pinterest board but if you'd just like to see my favourites, check out the below. 

Home Made Gifts - Get your babies involved!

Mother's day craft ideas Hemel Hempstead

If you're heading down the home made route just stop what you're doing and head to Pinterest right now.  That place is a gold mine for everything craft related. 

For the simplest ideas all you need is some paint, paper and the limb of a child. 
Put these things together and you have a flower made from feet and hand prints or if you'd like to keep things cleaner, just finger and thump prints. 

Print out a poem to go with it and you're onto a winner.

I love this idea on the left of doing a handprint every single year on canvas to show how much your little one has grown. 
You can pick canvases up from places like The Works, Hobby craft and sometimes even bigger supermarkets.  The best part of this gift is that you now have a good gift idea for at least the next 5 years!

Support a Local Business - Khana Cooking Class

I'm all for supporting small businesses, so why not choose someone local and you'll be helping them as well as getting a gift for your wife/mum. 

Do you love curry? Would you like to learn how to cook wonderful Indian dishes? Would you like to impress all of your friends with restaurant quality Indian food?

Then come and join a Khana Cooking Class for an Authentic Indian Cooking demonstration.

Watch, learn, create and taste delicious Indian cuisine.
Come and join us for cooking fun, followed by an Indian banquet.
Learn about Indian spices, authentic cooking methods and tastes that will amaze your family, friends and dinner guests.
— Khana Cooking Class

We did this class as a couple on Valentines day and can vouch for the great experience as well as the gorgeous food.

Mother's Day Gift Ideas Hemel Hempstead - Cooking lesson

A Day of Relaxation (or at least an hour!)

Mother's Day gift ideas hemel hempstead

Ok so Mother's Day itself is all about spending time with family.  But when that day done, why not treat her to a few hours of peace?
That could be as simple as taking the kids out to the cinema for the evening and leaving her alone with wine and treats (provided by you would be a bonus!) or if you want to treat her a little more, why not buy her a voucher to a local spa?

Nutmeg spa is in Hemel Old Town and is the perfect place for a little escape from reality.  As a plus, you'll be supporting a lovely local business as well.

Get Personal(ised)

Mother's Day Gift Ideas Hemel Hempstead - not on the highstreet bracelet

Personalised gifts are HUGE right now.  I'm pretty sure there is nothing on this earth that you can't get personalised any more.   Just walk into the M&M store in London and you'll see M's on more items than you could ever imagine. 

My favourite find is this bracelet from Not On The High Street.

The idea behind it is that the bigger rings represent the mum and the dad and the smaller rings joining them represent the children.  You can get it in silver, gold and rose gold and you can get up to 6 rings so as long as you have less than 6 kids/siblings you're sorted!

The Extravagant Gift

Ok, I'm not going to lie, this was my favourite bit of research.  These are items that would make it high on my, and many other ladies wish lists.  Are they way over the top for Mother's day?  Probably.  But you know some lucky lady is going to be opening one of these on Sunday!  

Mother's Day Gift Ideas Hemel Hempstead - cashmere socks

'Socks?!' you might be thinking.  'How are they extravagant?'

There aren't any socks.  These are Cashmere socks from the one and only The White Company. 

At £35 they might not break the bank but that's certainly more than I've ever paid on a single pair!

Check out these are other Mother's Day Gifts at

Mother's Day Gift Ideas Hemel Hempstead - not on the high street

Another item that is currently all over the internet are these 'arm woven' blankets.

They are made from thick merino wool and are literally made by knitting with your arms.  Don't you think they look soooo comfy?

This one is from Not On The High Street and is selling for £280.

mothers day gift ideas hemel hempstead - chloe faye

If you don't think I'm being extravagant enough, how about this?

This thing of beauty is a Chloe Faye Shoulder Bag and is currently selling on their website for £1280

Chloe bags can be found on the shoulders of pretty much every female celebrity out there and they are also really popular with Youtubers, meaning the reach of the brand has grown massively. 

Just like many bags out there, these are made from calfskin so are one to avoid for the very animal conscious and vegan. 

High Street

If you can still get to the high street, don't panic. There are loads of choices for gifts from places like Boots, Debenhams, John Lewis & Oliver Bonas.

Mother's day gift ideas hemel hempstead - sanctuary

Sanctuary products are so gorgeous and very affordable.  You can find this set at Boots for just £22.  Boots also have lots of other sets on sale so it's definitely worth a look in store.

For other pampering sets Superdrug and Debenhams are also worth a visit.


mother's day gifts hemel hempstead

Noticed a certain bottle is running low?  Perfume is something that feels like a complete luxury to me, so makes a great gift. 
Depending on what she likes, it can get pricey but shop around and you might find A good offer.

Follow this link to check out the Debenhams Mother's Day Perfume Sale.

mother's day gift ideas hemel hempstead

If you're after something a bit funky, check out the glass wear from Oliver Bonas. 
I particularly like this cactus print glass and carafe set. 

The nearest store to Hemel is St Albans but they also have a million store in London, including Euston.


There are some adverts for some hilarious cards going around on Facebook at the moment.  Here are a few of my favourites from Etsy.

mothers day cards
mothers day card ideas hemel hempstead
mothers day card ideas

Gift Voucher!

Last, but by no means least - what could be a better gift than a voucher for a photo shoot (see where I'm going with this?)  

Mother's Day Gift Ideas Becki Williams Photography Gift Voucher

Gift vouchers come in three different designs and can be purchased for any amount above £20.  They are delivered via email for you to print and include in a card so are available to purchase right up until Saturday 25th! 
Whether it's a voucher for a Maternity Session for a mum to be or a Family Session for a new mum, they are the perfect way to capture this time in their life to treasure forever. 


I really hope this helped inspire you when it comes to choosing your mum's gift this year and I wish all the mum's out there a BIG Happy Mother's Day!