Twins Newborn Photo Shoot | Hemel Hempstead

I love photographing twins.  Some photographers think of it as extra work but I love having a spare baby.  One twin crying?  That's ok, just pass me the other until we're good to go again. 
I also find that when they are together they settle each other so well.  They're so used to being together in the womb that they love being close.

That was exactly the case with Jacob and Imogen when I met them and their mum and dad a few weeks ago. 


The other great thing about twins is that it opens up a whole new world of posing.   I knew I had to start with them on a simple black background.  This is exactly how they were in the womb which makes the image even more special.


Adding in mum and dad's arms gives a great sense of their tiny size and I also think it looks really protective.


They may be twins but everyone needs their own little moment in spot light.


When their mum got in touch I got a bit excited and new I needed to shop; I needed two of something.  I'd been eyeing up bear hats for quite a while so it was perfect excuse and now I could buy 2 different colours!


So beautifully simple and snuggly.


Twin newborn photography Hemel Hempstead

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