Newborn Photo Shoot | St Albans

The best part of my job is getting to watch families grow and photographing their journey.  I feel privileged to be chosen to capture these little moments of their lives for them to treasure. 

I first met this little family back in 2015 when they had their first son Casper. 
I travelled to their house in St. Albans for their session where little Casper played hard ball and did not want to settle.  He wasn't having the happiest of days so in the end I decided it would be best if I went away and tried again another day. 
In the end his parents got a lovely gallery of images to choose from of both awake and sleepy images. 

A few weeks ago they welcomed their second son into their family - little Jake.  Can you see the similarities?  I think you can see it in the chin and the eyebrows!

Newborn Photography st albans

Ah, my love for black and white images grows and grows.  Some times I wonder if I could run a black and white only photography business i would!
Little details like the lips, tiny hands and feet and that cute little tuft of hair are perfect for albums or multi aperture frames.  They're also just really blimmin' cute!

Newborn Photography hemel hempstead - black and white details

The 'potato sack' wrap is my go to wrap to get babies to fall asleep for a newborn photo shoot.  Getting them all snug and comfy soon helps them drift off to sleep.  Some babies still resist the sleepiness but i'd say it works 80% of the time. 
I'm going to get so much use out of my new newborn bear hats.

Newborn Photography hemel hempstead - cream wraps and bear hats

I used the same colour wrap when I did Casper's session so it's great to use in his younger brother's as well.  His parents have ordered an album with both sessions images combined so they'll look great placed next to each other.

Newborn Photography hemel hempstead - blue wrap on sleeping newborn

What's your favourite? Hat or no hat?  

His parents had a really hard time deciding which one to get printed.
I do love the hat but I think his face is so cute in the one without the hat. 

Newborn Photography hemel hempstead - sleeping baby - hat or not hat
Newborn Photography hemel hempstead - sleeping baby - hat or not hat

I love it when babies raise their hands above their heads. It's such a gorgeous natural pose.

Newborn Photography hemel hempstead - natural - arms above head

Of course I couldn't not include an image on his tummy.  This will also be my favourite position for newborns.  They just always seem so comfy and those back rolls are so cute!

Newborn Photography hemel hempstead - on tummy - asleep