Newborn Pictures | Hemel Hempstead | Primrose

Primrose's newborn pictures are so cute, cuddly and full of personality.  Just look at that big smile!!

As seems to be the theme recently, she was quite awake to start with so I wrapped her up snuggly in one of my purple wraps.  She flashed us some big smiles and long stares before falling asleep and the posing could begin. 

Newborn Pictures Hemel Hempstead smiles

This pose is a slight adjustment to the 'on tummy' pose, where her legs have been bought forward to she's a little more on her side.  It's a subtle change in pose but gives a whole new variety of images.

Newborn Pictures Hemel Hempstead On her tummy
newborn pictures hemel hempstead cute lips

The posing bowl won on comfort once again as she snuggled down into the fluff.  I used the living room floor as the backdrop as it matched the colour tones I was going for really well. 

newborn pictures Hemel Hempstead  - posing bowl, fluff

It's all about the details!  Those tiny features won't stay tiny for long.

I especially love the nose and lips out of the pictures below <3

Newborn pictures Hemel Hempstead - nose macro
Newborn pictures Hemel Hempstead - feet
Newborn pictures Hemel Hempstead - baby folds
Newborn pictures Hemel Hempstead - lips macro


Have any questions or think you're interested in getting newborn pictures?  Please....