Newborn Photos | St Albans

Everyone meet the baby with the coolest and most Italian name!  Ok, so we'll only call him Max on here, as his mum and dad may not want his whole name out for everyone to see on the internet, but you'll have to trust me on this one, he's going to have the best name at school!

I started off with some baby lead posing, which means I laid him down and just let him get comfy.  Some times it does lead to very strange poses with everything on show, but other times you get lovely natural photos like below. 

Newborn photos St Albans - black and white

Next it was on to the wraps.  I love this dark grey wrap that I got earlier this year.

Newborn photos St Albans - wrapped up
Newborn photos St Albans - wrapped up legs out

You should have seen the smile on my face when mum showed me this little hat!  It's so adorable.  

Newborn photos St Albans - on tummy, italian
Newborn photos St Albans - on tummy close up

Ah, the fluff and grey romper combo - another firm favourite! <3

Newborn photos St Albans - romper on fluff

Sometimes while taking newborn photos, the conversation naturally moves onto the strangest things I ever photographed a baby with.  This is generally followed on by mum or dad handing me some kind of random object - in this case it was apples!
Although I call it random, every object always has a story.  Whether it's connected to mum or dad's job, a hobby, a nickname, it always has a special meaning that brings something thoughtful to the photo. 

Newborn photos St Albans - apples, fluff, green

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