A Smiley 2 Month Old Photo Shoot | Hemel Hempstead | Emily

Emily came to me from Dunstable for her newborn photo shoot. 

Her mum had received a gift voucher from a friend and although Emily was a little old for sleepy posed images, we did a similar style photo shoot with her awake. 
She wanted a very natural shoot with no headbands or hats so I kept things very neutral and simple, changing out the backdrops for variety. 

I mainly photograph newborns naked, using posing, wraps and blankets to cover their modesty as that's the best way to show off all those newborn wrinkles and rolls. 

If you have an outfit that means something to you though, I'm more than happy to include it in a few of your images. 

Emily's mum brought along this sleep suit, so I started her photo shoot with a few simple images on a cream fluffy blanket.

7 week old girl wears a baby growing which says 'love you to the moon and back'

Emily is one of the smiliest 2 month olds I have ever photographed!

All I had to do was speak to her and she'd break out into the most gorgeous smile.  Her face was full of expression the entire photo shoot. 

7 week old baby girl smiles happily while wrapped in a cream blanket during her baby photo shoot in hemel hempstead
7 week old baby girl lays on a white fluffy blanket pulling lots of expressions during her newborn baby photo shoot in hemel hempstead

I adore back lit, black and white photos.  The way the light is illuminating her profile is just gorgeous!

back lit image of a 7 week old baby girl in black and white.  She is awake and staring into the distance.

Time for a little bit of colour and to give those legs room to kick!  Just check out those cheeks.

7 week old baby girl laying awake white a green blanket on her during her photo shoot in hemel hempstead

It's all in the detail...

Even at 2 months, it's unlikely to go an entire photo shoot without a baby drifting off to sleep for just a few minutes, even if they wake as soon as they are moved. 
I took this opportunity with Emily to capture all of those tiny details.  It's so much easier to do when babies are asleep and not wriggling their limbs all over the place!

photos of hands, lips, feet, hair and eye lashes of a 7 week old baby girl in black and white

SWOON.  I love this picture.  I'm not sure if it's those chubby cheeks, the hand to her mouth or the way her legs are in the air but it's one of my favourite from her photo shoot. 

7 week old baby girl lays on her back covered in a cream blanket during her photo shoot in hemel hempstead

To end the shoot she cuddled up to her teddy comforter before a big yawn and calling it a day.

7 week old baby girl lays awake on a cream blanket staring into the camera.  she is hugging her brown toy bear comforter and looks happy.
7 week old little girl yawning really big, with her hands up by her head, covered in a white blanket. 

Album delivery day!

Emily's mum bought two Portrait Albums from her photoshoot, both with an 'Ocean' coloured linen cover. 
She selected her favourite 20 - 30 images and I designed a proof for her.  She then made as many changes as she liked and once she was in love, I sent them off to be made. 

My favourite part of product delivery day was seeing that gorgeous smile again!!


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