Newborn Pictures | St. Albans | Rebecca

As names come and go in and out of fashion, I did wonder if I would ever get to photograph a baby with my own name.  Turns out I didn't have to wait long!

Rebecca's mummy got in touch while she pregnant and booked for both maternity and newborn pictures.  You can read all about her maternity session Here.

A few weeks later I went back and met Rebecca at her house in St Albans.  I set up my giant beanbag and blanket backdrops in their living room and started with some wrapped pictures to help her drift off to sleep. 

newborn pictures, st albans,  baby lays asleep in purple wrap

This lilac wrap was actually a gift from a past client and this is the first time I've used it.  I think the colour is beautiful and the texture is perfect to have it fading away into the background.

newborn pictures st albans, baby lays asleep on side with purple blanket

Sometimes it's nice to transfer to the next pose (this case on her side) while keeping to the same wrap.  That way she didn't need to be uncovered and therefore stayed nice and warm and settled. 

newborn pictures st albans, wrapped baby on fur in bowl
newborn pictures st albans, baby asleep on fur blanket

After pictures on the bean bag it was time to mix things up a little and include some texture. 
She was a little awake at first so I wrapped her up again, this time keeping her little legs free and placed her into my newborn posing bowl. 
Once she had settled back into a deep sleep I slowly unwrapped her and captured lots of different angles as well as those very important details. 


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