Baby Photos | Milton Keynes

It was an absolute pleasure to go and capture some baby photos for this family a few weeks ago.  You can see from the images what a happy and loving family they are! 

My pink tutu came out to play for this session as her mum liked lots of girly things.  I also think this may be the most outfit changes I've had in one session before!

As usual we started on my favourite place to photograph babies - the bed.  It wasn't long before the dog, mum and dad got in on the photos for some cuddles and giggles as well.

Baby Photos Hemel Hempstead - Baby and dog
Baby Photos Hemel Hempstead - pink tutu, teddy, smiles

I just love the three images below.  Images like this are perfect to include in an album or in a triple frame. 

Baby Photos Hemel Hempstead - daddy and baby
Baby Photos Hemel Hempstead - daddy and baby
Baby Photos Hemel Hempstead - dad & baby
Baby Photos Hemel Hempstead - relaxed, lifestyle
Baby Photos Hemel Hempstead - cute family pictures

There was some beautiful natural light coming into their living room window, which I of course had to make the most of to give a gorgeous bright background. 

Baby Photos Hemel Hempstead - daddy kisses
Baby Photos Hemel Hempstead - mummy and baby

No session is complete without an image of the sleepy dog :)  This cutie enjoyed sleeping with her eyes open and snoring loudly!!!

Baby Photos Hemel Hempstead - family and dog photographer

My fluffy blanket goes with me everywhere.  It's great for getting both slightly more studio style photos as well as just being laid on the floor for some extra comfort in some lifestyle images. 

Baby Photos Hemel Hempstead - pink tutu
Baby Photos Hemel Hempstead - pink tutu
Baby Photos Hemel Hempstead - red tutu


***May 2016 Update***

I loved the images from this session so much that I decided to use them in my sample portrait album.  Take a quick look at the video to see the amazing quality of the album and how great the images look when printed.


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Newborn Photographer | St Albans | Bailey

I seem to be photographing a few star newborns recently and little Bailey definitely fell into that category!  She's a tiny little bundle of cuteness and comes from a seriously well travelled family!  Starting off on the beanbag, onto her tummy she went and out came the headbands and wraps (yay for girls and headbands!)

Newborn Photographer St Albans - pink headband
Newborn Photographer St Albans - floral headband
Newborn Photographer St Albans - green lace
Newborn Photographer St Albans - lips

Next it was time for fur and to get snuggled in the posing bowl (which just so happened took amazing on their living room floor!)

Newborn Photographer St Albans - feet
Newborn Photographer St Albans - fur, bowl
Newborn Photographer St Albans - fluff, blow

Mum wanted a few pictures of her and her new arrival together so they sat together on the sofa for some cuddles.  To me, parent shots are less about capturing all of the details that the posed photos show and more about capturing that moment in time. 

Newborn Photographer St Albans - mummy
Newborn Photographer St Albans - mum & baby

Getting pictures of Bailey and her canine protector was a little more difficult as I'm not 100% sure he approved of the new arrival quite yet!  Luckily, while eating a snack earlier in the session, I discovered his love for carrots.  A little doggy bribery later and he started to realise she wasn't so bad after all :)

Newborn Photographer St Albans - dog

I can't wait to go back and see them all again when she's sitting for her next session.


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