Baby Photographer | High Wycombe | Abby & Family

Abby's family were bought a gift voucher for three sessions, which they decided to use at 4 months, 8 months & 1 year.
Time has flown by, as it has a habit of doing, and a few weeks ago I completed Abby's last session.

For this session, Abby's family decided to turn it into a family photo shoot, including her mum, dad and two big sisters. 

When I first turned up, both younger siblings were finishing off their lunch and needed a bit of time to gain some confidence around me.
As always, we took it at their speed and they were soon more relaxed in front of the camera. 

Abby became so relaxed in fact that she remembered her complete lack of sense of danger and was soon throwing herself off of sofas and steps, as all good 1 year olds do!

1 year old climbs stairs in baby photo shoot

I always try and include older siblings in some of their own special photos.  It helps them relax and also makes them more co-operative when it comes to family shots. 

big sister explains disney dolls for family photo shoot
big sister hugs disney dolls for family photo shoot
sisterly cuddles on a bed for family photo shoot
mum looks out the window with daughter during family photo shoot

After getting some family photos in mum and dad's room, it was time to head outside, where Abby was at her happiest. 

She had adventures on her red trike, played in the mud (I was even lucky enough to be passed some mud - true friends!), picked some flowers and gave her sun loving cat a good stroke. 

1 year old rides red trike during photo shoot
muddy 1 year old holds green fork with her cat in the garden
1 year old picks flowers in her garden for photo shoot

As I'm sure you're aware, adventures are tiring and it was soon time for cuddles and for me to say my goodbyes. 

1 year old cuddles mum in the garden for photo shoot

I've had a really lovely time photographing this family over the last year and I hope they have enjoyed all of the little snapshots of time i've captured for them. 


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