Sonny's Milestone Mini


When people ask me what age is my favourite to photograph, I find it impossible to choose.

Newborns are tiny and new and special, 2/3 month olds are starting to smile and react to your silly noises, 6/8 month olds are chubby and smiley and one year olds are pure hilarious mischief.

I get to meet lots of teeny newborns and 2 month olds but I was lacking in some good 6-8 month old chubbiness so I decided to launch Milestone Mini Photo Shoots.

These shoots are usually only available to those who have had a newborn shoot with me in the past but for one month a year, I open them up to everyone.

They are 30 minutes and are a great opportunity to capture your 6 - 8 month old’s cheekiness in all its glory.

Sonny was AMAZING at his Milestone Mini. His grin hardly left his face the entire time.

We got such a lovely mixture of him in a white vest as well as in all his glory with toys and blankets to get lots of variation.

I absolutely love these images and I’m really happy that his mum and dad did to!

In 2019, Milestone Mini Month will be taking place in May.

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