2018 Photo Project | Jan - Dec

The year is complete and so is the 2018 Photo Project!

I cannot believe I made it a whole year. Seriously. I went into this project full of doubt, thinking that maybe i’ll just last a few months and give up. But here I am. 12 months worth of photos from the last year.

It has definitely turned out different than I expected.
I thought there would be more photos with my main camera, but actually the majority were taken with my phone. And to be honest I don’t even mind because each still comes with its memory from the last year.

Was it really a year ago that I sat in front of the Christmas tree in January playing around with light trails?
The macaron making class I did with my husband where the snow was so bad that the pipes froze.
The photo of the dogs where Jess refused to look at the camera - I gave that to mum for mothers day and it’s now on her windowsill.
Spring came and turned into one of the warmest summers I remember with long, lazy days in the garden with a Spaniel who wasn’t quite sure what to make of it all.
Croatia, Rome & Majorca - three holidays in three months before coming back to Autumn with a bump on October.

And now here we are again. Christmas. We’re back where we started.

And am I ready to go again? I actually think I am! There will be a 2019 photo project…..and I have no idea where it will take me.

Let’s get started!