Sebastian's Newborn Photo Shoot | Watford

Sebastian's mum got in touch when he was 6 days old for a last minute Newborn Photo Shoot.  I booked him in as quickly as I could and ended up taking his photos when he was just 14 days old.

The ideal time for a newborn to be photographed is between 5 & 10 days but I do offer posed photo shoots to babies up to three weeks.  I might not get as many sleepy posed photos at 3 weeks but it all depends on the baby - some still sleep like a dream!

When Sebastian first turned up, he had no interest in sleeping!  

For family photos, his mum and dad didn't really want him wrapped so we kept him naked and captured some awake family cuddles. 

Mum and dad hold newborn baby in black and white

From there it was onto the posing beanbag, where i just had to capture those eyes!!

Awake newborn baby boy lays on a cream rug at his professional photo shoot in Hemel Hempstead

Wrapping (along with shhhing, rocking and begging!) is one of my go to methods to get a baby to sleep.  Snuggling those limbs together reminds them of being in the womb and helps them drift off.

Awake newborn baby boy is wrapped in grey his professional photo shoot in Hemel Hempstead

Once a newborn has fallen asleep, I love to capture how they naturally either spread themselves out or curl themselves up.  Sebastian liked a good ssttrreettcchh! 


Let the posing begin!

I'll never make a baby lay in a position that they aren't comfortable in and as he didn't seem too keen on his tummy, I kept him on his back and his side. 
I switched out wraps, hats and toys to get a variety of images.  Dad LOVED the robot!


I try and include a fluffy blanket in every newborn photo shoot.  It just looks so soft and makes for great texture in black and white photos. 


The main reason people book newborn photo shoots is to capture this special moment, before their little one grows up so quickly.  
For me, that definitely includes all of these tiny details.  I can promise you those toes aren't so tiny any more!


Sebastian's mum and dad ordered a USB of their favourite 15 images along with 10 Mounted Prints, which are ready to be framed and hung on the wall. 

Mounted 12x8 inch prints

Mounted 12x8 inch prints

crystal usb in a custom box

crystal usb in a custom box

It was an honour to photograph this gorgeous little guy and I hope his parents treasure these images for years to come!


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