My 6 New Years Resolutions

To some people, New Years Resolutions are a waste of time.

Don't get me wrong, I know where they are coming from.  Why do we need a specific date to make big changes in our lives?  Why not make that change today?  Why change anything at all?

But at the same time, I love the feeling of having a 'fresh start'. 

Part of my love of New Years Resolutions comes from my love of setting myself tasks.  There is nothing more satisfying than crossing something you've accomplished off of a list.

My resolutions are nothing groundbreaking - in fact some of them are downright predictable but I'm excited to start working on them already.

Here's a quick rundown of my resolutions this year...

trainers, weights, water bottle and a phone on a pink gym map and wooden floor

1. Improve my fitness
Now I know what you're thinking, 'you and the rest of the population, Becki' but for me it isn't so much about loosing weight, it's about improving the way I train. 
I LOVE the gym (yes, sorry, I'm one of those people) but I tend to stick to cardio when what I really need to is strengthen. 

Over the last few years I've had to miss many weeks of gym classes because of my bad back or other injuries and I am hoping working on my strength and stability will really help.

I am also extremely inflexible so I'd love to be able to touch my toes again. 

2. Eat less meat
No, don't run away!  I'm not about to get all preachy on you!
I'm not vegan or even vegetarian but I am a bit more aware of the impact of eating so much meat has on the environment.
We've introduced a lot more vegetarian meals into our week and I want to learn some more recipes to get a bit more variety into my repertoire.

3. Mindfulness
Meditation is still one of those things that people are a little uncomfortable to talk about but when i'm stressing about work or struggling to fall asleep, guided meditation is a godsend. 
This year my aim is to turn to it more often when things get a bit too tense. 
I currently use the app Insight Timer.  You can download it for your iphone here or Android here.

Kindle sits on a bed side table with a candle and a plant

4. Read More
Reading is one of those things that I love but I never really make time for unless I am on holiday.  My aim this year is to put down my phone and pick up my kindle a little more. 

5. Make my dog like people!
I love my Springer Spaniel, Jess.  She's incredibly clever and makes me smile every day but my goodness I wish she would stop barking at people when she's on the lead! 
We train her twice a week already but I'm going to put in extra time this year to make walking her a little less stressful. 


6. Send cards to friends on their birthdays & anniversaries
I'd love to be the type of person who sends cards to their friends on special occasions but I'm terrible at remembering in advance. 
If you're reading this and you're my friend and you don't receive one - don't be insulted.  I am so incredibly likely to fail at this!

Have you set yourself any New Years Resolutions for 2018?  Let me know below...