Eliana's Newborn Photo Shoot | Hemel Hempstead

Eliana came for her newborn photo shoot when she was 7 days old.

Her mummy knew she was having a c-section so we were actually able to book her shoot in on a certain day and keep it there, which doesn't happen very often when you're working with unpredictable newborns!

With a full tummy and toasty warm room, my run of perfectly sleepy babies continued as she slept from beginning to end without any fuss.

I generally start my newborn shoots with babies on their sides.  Every movement is done carefully and gently so that they stay asleep with as little disturbance as possible.   I have a 'flow', which I generally stick to going from their side, then their tummy and then their back. 
Sometimes babies don't want to do the flow, in which case it goes out the window but in Eliana's case she was happy to be guided into all those curled up cute poses.

newborn photo shoot of baby girl laying on her side holding a small teddy bear in a red waist coat

Next, it was onto her tummy.

She was so diddy curled up like this and continued to sleep soundly.  I used headbands and blankets to get lots of variety for her mum and dad to choose from. 

newborn girl laying on her tummy on a cream blanket for her newborn photo shoot
newborn baby girl laying on her tummy, covered by a grey blanket at her newborn photo shoot

Check out those gorgeous pouty lips!  Jealous?  I know I am!

black and white newborn laying on her back wrapped in a blanket
newborn girl laying on her back, pouting, wrapped in a cream blanket

Once we were done on the simpler blankets it was time to add a bit more texture.  Firstly I used a simple white wrap on a soft fluffy blanket.  I adore the simplicity of the white on the white.  You're looking at nothing but that gorgeous face of hers. 

From the white it was onto the grey, which is one of my most popular blankets.  I kept things very simple, letting her curl up naturally and get comfy.

newborn girl laying on her back on a grey fluffy blanket, wearing a white flower headband and with a small white flowing blanket

Eliana's mum bought this elephant along to her shoot for me to include.  Simple poses like this are a great opportunity to add any little sentimental teddies that you'd like to include.

As always, I had to capture all of those tiny little details.  So small now, but will grow so fast!

close up of newborn details including lips, rolls, feet, nose, ear and hand

Eliana was an absolute pleasure to photograph and I hope I get to meet her again in the future.