2018 Photo Project | August

What an amazing Summer!

I could not get enough of the sunshine. Yes, there were a couple of days I may have had a little complain but on the whole I'm pretty sad to see it go. 
Time to dig out those jumpers and boots and snuggle in our dressing gowns as the darker nights creep in the the arguments about whether it's cold enough to put the heating on yet begin. 

August's main event was my trip to Croatia.  I left my husband behind and went on a jam packed Hen Do with plenty of exploring, adventures and maybe a little bit of drinking...
The winding streets are absolutely beautiful and a trip to Krka Nation Park and sunset kayaking did not disappoint. 
When I got my GoPro I did wonder when I would use it but it's a times like the sunset picture below that I am so happy I have it. 

I saw in the end of the Summer with a trip to The Pop Up Farm by junction 9 of the m1 with my sister and niece to visit the Sunflowers.  It's free entry, just pay £2 each for your sunflowers and there is tea, coffee, juice and popcorn available. 
Soon they will be roasting their corn on the BBQ before opening up their pumpkin patch for Halloween.
I can't wait to go back and traipse through the the mud to pick my pumpkin.   

I am considering doing Summer Mini Sessions in the Sunflowers next year - watch this space!

Next month you can expect some Pizza, Pasta and Gilato photos as I head to Rome.  Maybe a few ancient ruins as well, if I get time between ice-creams.