10 things you don't need to know about me...

1. In my head I am the world's best singer and dancer; I just haven't been discovered yet.

2. I have really big, big toes.  

3. I did Irish Dancing up until I was 18 and then for a while again when I was in my early 20s

 4. I love going to gym classes, which include shaking my butt at Zumba and beating up invisible people in Body Combat.

5. I have the biggest sweet tooth ever.  Chocolate and Coke give me mental stability (and undo any benefit of the above)

6. My husband and I watch Neighbours every single weekday while eating dinner.

7. One of my legs is slightly longer than the other (truth!)

8. I LOVE holidays.  So much so that my husband is scared to even mention a holiday in passing because the next day I'll have the whole thing planned. 

9. My least favourite household chore is washing up.  It.  Never.  Ends.

10. I've backpacked around Australia, Canada & Europe.  After staying in a shared dorm in a hostel again in my mid 20s I can confirm my backpacking days are over.  

11. I hate people who don't indicate.

12.  I am apparently unable to only write 10 things!