What to Wear to your Newborn Photo Shoot

A common question I get asked is - What should I wear to my newborn photo shoot?

Firstly, if you're not having photos taken you can wear what ever you like!  You are very much very welcome in your pyjamas if that's what makes you happy.  If anyone has anything negative to say about that, point to your newborn baby and carry on.

In all seriousness if you aren't having family photos taken, dress comfy and wear light layers (the house will be WARM to keep your naked newborn happy).   This is your time to chill out in my living room with water, snacks and tv while I photograph your new arrival. 

If you ARE having family photos, which i'm guessing is why you've found your way here; here are my top tips.

new mum holding her baby girl at their newborn photo shoot in hemel hempstead
new dad holding his newborn baby boy at their newborn photo shoot in hemel hempstead

1. Colour

I love it when families keep it neutral - think blacks, whites, creams and pastel tones.  This leaves the full focus on your baby.
Some families do choose to still wear colour, which is absolutely fine, just try and stay away from anything too bright.

new mum holding her baby boy at their newborn photo shoot in hemel hempstead

2. Avoid Large Logos & fussy patterns

Large logos can easily date a photo (think Kappa tracksuits from the 90s) and overly fussy patterns can destract from your newborn.  Block colours are best, but simple designs can also work.  The flowers on this top are nice and feminine without being too large and distracting.  Any bolder and the focus would be on that rather than little Kellen.

parents hold their new baby for their newborn photo shoot in hemel hempstead

3. Compliment, but don't match

You don't have to wear the exact same colours, but try and stick to the same colour palette. If one wears a dark colour, try to match.  This lovely family came in shades of blue.

4.  Siblings

Similar rules apply to siblings.  Avoid bright colours and fussy patterns, sticking to neutral tones and block colours where you can.  Similarly, avoid any large branded or logo'd t-shirts as they will just be distracting. 
If you like, boys can go topless and girls can be wrapped in one of my stretchy newborn wraps.

black and whtie photo of new parents holding their newborn baby boy for their photo shoot in hemel hempstead

5. You Do You

Most importantly - remember these are YOUR photos for you to display in YOUR home.  I can suggest what I want, but remember to show who you are in your images, as that's who you and your family will want to see when you look back on your photos in years to come. 

I hope this has helped you decide what to wear for your Newborn Photo Shoot.  If you have any questions or want to get my opinion on what you plan on wearing, feel free to email me at contact@beckiwilliams.co.uk or click below to fill out the contact form.