Choosing the Best Cake Smash Cake


If your baby is about to turn 1 - Congratulations!

The first year has flown past, right?!

If you’ve booked a Cake Smash to celebrate then you might be wondering what type of cake is best. You want your baby to dive right in and you also want it look great in the photos.

Here are my top tips when choosing your Cake Smash Cake.

  1. Soft Frosting. You want to look for a cake with nice soft icing. It’s easier for them to get through, messier and more fun for them. Fondant icing is not only harder for them to smash through into the cake, it can also be a choking hazard if they break off a large piece.

  2. Avoid Red or Dark Brown Cake. For some themes or colour schemes you might get away with it but red might make your baby look like a vampire and chocolate brown…well you can guess.

  3. No Large sweets in or on the cake. Whether there are sweetie decorations or a sweetie surprise centre, when your baby is shovelling in cake they may become a choking hazard. Best to avoid them all together.

  4. Size Matters. I recommend a 6” two or three layer cake. If you want something smaller, a 4 or 5 inch cake works as well.

  5. Match your colours. If you’re having a rainbow themed shoot, get a nice colourful cake. A blue theme? Get a blue frosted cake - you get the idea!

  6. Buying from a supermarket? It is possible to find good cake smash cakes in places like Tesco and Sainsbury’s but it’s much easier to find pink, flowery frosted cake than it is to find blue so make sure you look in advance.

  7. Allergies. This might seem like an obvious one but it’s worth mentioning just in case. Avoid any ingredients your baby is allergic to. If you’re worried about allergies, why not try a doughnut or fruit smash instead.

I hope this has helped you feel confident when it comes to picking out your Cake Smash Cake. These photo shoots are so much fun so enjoy every second because your baby definitely will!


Becki Williams is a Hemel Hempstead Photographer who specialises in photographing babies under 1, whether that’s cute Newborn Photography or fun Cake Smashes. Working out of a home studio, photo shoots are very relaxed, going at the speed your baby needs meaning they will have a great time and you’ll get pictures you’ll love.