Shoot & Share Photography Competition 2019

Earlier this year I entered my very first Photography Competition - The Shoot & Share Photo Contest.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of photos are submitted by photographers from around the world ranging from cute baby photos, stunning wedding photos and gorgeous landscapes, all in a bid to see just how far they can get in the Shoot & Share Photo Contest.

The competition works in rounds and anyone can vote, whether you’re a photographer or just a member of the public looking to kill some time browsing through some cute baby photos.
Every round, a certain amount of photos with the least votes are eliminated and the remaining photos go on to the next round.

As this was my first time entering, my aim was to get at least one of my photos to the top 50%. Every day I would log in nervously to see if my ‘favourites’ were growing, meaning I was still in the competition.

And not only did I reach my target, I smashed it!

6 of my photos made it to the top 30%
5 of my photos made it to the top 20%
1 of my photos made it to the top 10%!


Here are the photos that helped me smash my goals this year


Did one of your pictures get me to the top 30%? If so, thank you for letting me photograph your gorgeous baby!


Putting my photos out there to be judged like this is extremely nerve-wracking. I had no idea whether I’d make it past the first round, let alone into the top 10%.
It’s been a lovely little boost of confidence though and already can’t wait to try again next year.


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