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I was looking through old primary school books recently and found one saying
'Mathew Miller is my boyfriend'

I was about 7 at the time, while he was 11 and best friends with my brother. 
Alas it wasn't meant to be and he is now happily engaged and has just welcomed his second son, Kellen, into the world.

I did their first newborn shoot back in March 2015 when their son, Sonny, was born.  On one hand it feels like a lifetime ago but on the other I can still remember it so clearly. 
He had his heel prick test half way through the shoot.  The health visitor arrived just as he fell asleep!

Sleeping newborn baby laying on a blue blanket and covered in a grey scarf

Jump forward two years and Sonny is now a big brother to baby Kellen.

I like to do parent and family photos first so that they can then relax and not have to worry about keeping clean.  I have the house very warm to keep naked babies cosy, so it's also good to get them done before things get a bit sweaty!


Kellen started his photo shoot awake and wide eyed.  Although a sleeping baby is the aim, I also love capturing some beautiful expressions from awake babies as well. 


After some encouragement (and lots of milk!) he drifted off to sleep and the gentle posing could begin. 

I started with him on his side and used wraps and teddies to get a variety of photos.  I then moved him onto his tummy and got some gorgeous images with a bear bonnet.  I just love his little round tummy in the full length photo!


Once we were done on plainer blanket backdrops, I moved him onto one of my fluffy blankets.  Newborns always love snuggling into this grey fluff.
I kept things very natural, letting him place his arms where he wanted and captured that gorgeous sleeping face. 


You've got to love those little back folds and those tiny toes. 


newborn baby photography of baby boy covered in a green wrap laying on his tummy on a grey blanket

If you're interested in a newborn photo shoot or have any questions, please