Top Mummy YouTubers & Why You Should Watch Them!

Youtube mummy vloggers

There is no denying it, there is some weird stuff on YouTube. 

Besides the usual cat videos, over the last few years the world has been taken by storm by children watching other children open and play with toys, the latest dance crazes and tweenagers falling in love with YouTubers just like we did with pop stars.

If you think Youtube is just for either children or learning how to chop a pineapple though, you are very wrong!

Mum (and dad!) vloggers are taking to YouTube in force, sharing the ups and downs of pregnancy, children and family life. 

in 2017/2018 there was a Youtuber baby boom.

From pregnancy updates, shopping, labour stories, mental health and baby loss - so many popular Youtubers shared their journey with us over the last year.

This year, things seemed to have slowed down a little on the Youtuber baby front, but we are now watching those babies grow and hearing all about their family life.


Here are a few of my top Youtubers who are currently pregnant, have babies or have young children.


Currently Pregnant!

Lily Pebbles

I was so excited when Lily announced she was pregnant. I’ve watched her videos for a while and she’s so lovely and down to earth. She has so far been very open and honest about everything pregnancy related including feeling like she’d lost her personality at some points, feeling lonely, but also all the highs and excitement that go along with it all.

With Baby’s Under 2 Years

Lorraine Mulrooney

Lorraine’s story is one of both heartbreak and happiness. After having a healthy little girl, she has suffered 3 miscarriages and lost her daughter Primrose to stillbirth at 34 weeks in 2017. Shortly after, Lorraine unexpectedly fell pregnant again and now has a healthy baby boy.

On her channel she is very open about baby loss and everything that comes before, during and after.

Mrs Meldrum

Mrs Meldrum is a mum of three, up in Scotland who shares her life with us via vlogs, hauls, home life and more. Her youngest, Poppy has just turned 1. She did weekly updates throughout her last pregnancy, which are definitely worth a watch if you’re pregnant right now or you can just enjoy her current family antics.

Sarah works full time while balancing life with her daughter Isla and son Lochlan. 
What makes this channel even more special is that her husband is in the Royal Navy and she makes the videos so that he can stay up to date while he is away.  The vlogs where they have to say goodbye for long periods of time are just heartbreaking!
She was really very open about everything during and after her last pregnancy so I would definitely suggest going back through the archives and watching her videos. 

With Children over 2 Years

SJ Strum

SJ is a new Youtuber to me but she comes highly recommended by some of the other ladies I’ve mentioned.

Living with her Swedish husband and three children in Surrey she vlogs about motherhood and also has a ongoing series on baby names. She also spends her summers in Sweden, so be prepared to be jealous!

Katie Ellison

In the previous version of this blog last year, I wrote I had only just discovered Katie. I can now confirm that she has 100% made it onto my regular watch list.
She is a down to earth, normal mum who kills her plants (by mistake I should add…) and gets excited about bathroom tiles.
She loves to go on holiday so I love to live vicariously through her (beautiful) travel vlogs.


If none of those channels float your boat, DON'T GIVE UP YET!

There are so many YouTubers going through every walk of life out there that there WILL be someone that you can relate to.  I guarantee it. 


A good place to start to find out more is the Channel Mum Youtube Channel.  This channel is made up of a selection of mum-tubers all with advice, stories, regrets - everything mum related.  
Another great thing about Channel Mum is that it can be the perfect gateway to finding a YouTuber that YOU connect with and you can continue to follow their journey as their little ones grow up.


I really hope that this blog has helped you see the love, support and information you can get through simply watching and following someone's experiences on youtube.  Who knows, maybe it's even inspired you to start your own channel so that you can share your experiences with other people.