Dev's Newborn Photo Shoot | Hemel Hempstead

A few weeks ago, little Dev came to me in Hemel Hempstead from Luton for his newborn photo shoot with his mum, dad and big brother.

He had arrived 4 weeks early, and was so smiley. He also made lots of cute noises, specially after he sneezed and had the most amazing hair!
He was teeny tiny but when he stretched out, my goodness was he long!

We started the shoot with family photos. First with mum, then added in dad and of course we had to include his very cheeky and talkative big brother.

Just look at that perfectly timed little smile! I think he was enjoying his wrapped up, one on one time with mummy.


After the family photos it was time for some large props.

I started by wrapping him up in lovely brown tones to match the crate and then changed to a lighter, cream wrap for in the bowl.
He obviously found it very comfy because he slept soundly through it all!


Onto the posing beanbag.

Although some babies sleep from the beginning to the end of their photo shoot, most babies are awake for at least a little while. I love using that time to try and capture their gorgeous eyes and expressions.
To get the curled up posed photos though, newborns need to be in a deep sleep.

After the props, Dev woke up and decided he needed a good feed, a mammoth set of hiccups and lots of cuddles but he finally drifted off and the gentle posing could begin.

I love these two photos on my grey fur. He’s so naturally curled up and comfy and looks so peaceful.

To finish, I did one of my favourite photos to do on black, which is the parents hands holding the baby. We of course couldn’t leave out his big brother this time, which I think makes this photo even more special.

Did you know that these types of photos are done by laying the baby on black fabric? Mum and dad (and brother!) then place their hands around him and it then looks like he is being held. Clever, huh!


It was an absolute pleasure to photograph you and your family Dev. I hope get to see you again in the future!


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