Laura's Maternity Photo Shoot | Gadebridge Park

Certain photo shoots are always going to be more special than others and that includes when I get to photography my family.
Carl is my ‘little’ cousin and Laura is his beautiful Fiance and it was my absolute pleasure to capture these photos for them.

For their Maternity Photo Shoot we headed to Gadebridge Park in Hemel Hempstead. With it’s trees, green spaces, river and beautiful walled garden, it’s a great place to get a good variety of photos.

Although it was October, it was a lovely warm day and apart from having to dodge the park runners, the park was nice and quiet.

I love these trees in the Summer and Autumn. We’re actually standing right next to a car park here but you’d never know.


Up to the wall close to where Mr. Stink slept on his bench! Add in some gorgeous sunlight and it’s a really lovely spot.


I have the worst luck with the walled garden. Most of the time I do photo shoots in Gadebridge Park it’s either shut for watering, replanting or the beds a bare.
On this day we were lucky as the gates were open and the flowers were in bloom.

That midday sun can be a bit tricky when it comes to outdoor photo shoots, which is why you’ll notice us photographers constantly moving you to the shade.
Sometimes you can work with it though, specially when it means you can use lovely features like the white bridge.

It’s always a pleasure to photograph family. I love capturing special occasions for them and being able to help them remember this time in their lives.
I also feel I can mess around more, try new things and be brutally honest when they don’t work - so it’s a win win!

Keep an eye out in a few weeks and you’ll see that little Daisy has now safely arrived and I have enjoyed many cuddles (I literally grab her whenever i’m in the same room as her!) and I’ll be sharing the photos from her newborn shoot very soon.


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